America’s 2017 Body Count

America’s non-White cities are essentially war zones. The murder rate in these four cities tells the story.

America’s 2017 Body Count

by Tom Shackleford 

What does 2018 hold in store for our domestic combat zones? Clearly, nothing good. Now that the 2017 death tolls are final, let’s take a look a four of the largest dying (literally) cities in this country. They represent a grim epitaph on the past year. Also, bear in mind that this article only refers to murder rates. These are only about a quarter of the opioid death rates in these locales.

At one time, Baltimore was a thriving White port city full of industrial jobs. Now, it’s got an economy largely based around EBT cards and other benefits. It proudly boasts a per capita murder rate that led the nation in 2017. Public safety has worsened to such a degree that at one point the city contracted “Persistent Surveillance Systems” to conduct aerial reconnaissance every single day. A Cessna flew over the city in a loop in order to provide real-time footage of the fray to an analytical team. The violence increased nonetheless.

In 2017, community activists attempted two truly innovative initiatives. They simply pleaded for their people to desist from pulling triggers for the duration of a single weekend. Both of these “Nobody Shoot Anybody” campaigns failed in short order. It shouldn’t then come as a surprise that paying utility bills is not a priority for the Black residents of Baltimore. Consequently, the city is struggling to maintain its aging water infrastructure. In the future, perhaps its denizens will be too thirsty to kill each other.

Kill count: 343

The Windy City murder rate has actually dropped by about 15% from 2016. That’s been hailed as “a grim sign of improvement” by USA Today. The trouble is that going from an appalling level of violence to a slightly less appalling level of violence doesn’t constitute real progress. Also, one of the distinguishing features of genocidal internecine bloodshed is that it leaves progressively fewer participants. So, at some point this sort of homicide has to reach a peak and begin declining as less and less live people are around to kill. That certainly could be the phenomena we’re observing in Chiraq.

Cook County Commissioner Richard Boykin seems to agree. Last month, he traveled to NYC to beg the UN Assistant Secretary General for Peacekeeping Support to deploy international troops in the self-embattled neighborhoods of his Black constituents. One of the areas he’s pleading to be placed under UN occupation includes the South Side of Chicago, which is the site of the future Obama Presidential Library. According to Boykin, the UN forces have “been able to help in places like Africa…to help minority and vulnerable populations.” To be honest, it’s difficult to argue against this line of reasoning.

President Trump rhetorically asked “What the hell is going on in Chicago?” at an FBI graduation ceremony. He was immediately denounced as an unhinged racist. The police pension fund, and likely the city itself, will be insolvent by the time he finishes his first term in 2021. White taxpayers are fleeing in droves. While they’d rather die than be called a “racist,” their wheels do all the talking necessary.

Wounded: 2,937
Kill count: 675

Back east, the Philadelphia City Council voted 14-3 to empower the city to force convenience store owners to remove safety glass at their sales counters. This outraged Asian shopkeepers, who justifiably argued that these barriers are the only thing standing between them and getting shot over a bottle of purple sugar water. The initiative was meant to allow Black Philadelphians to shop with “dignity,” in order to improve their temperament and thus the city’s deteriorating security situation.

Rendered blind to reality by the privileges conferred by their skin color, the White residents of Philadelphia simply cannot understand that when they’re being set upon by a mob of “teens,” they’re actually on the receiving end of blows stuck out of the righteous desire for dignity. Philadelphia can look forward to a much more tranquil future once these paranoid Asians take down their safety glass.

Wounded: 983
Kill count: 214

All three of these major municipalities mentioned above suffered “great fires” in their pasts, but these infernos served as mere bumps on the road to a prosperous future. Their histories serve as a testament to the fact that a city can survive being literally burnt to ash as long as an appropriate demographic still calls it home.

This brings us to Detroit. Once the industrial capital of the world, its only use now is to serve as a predictive model for other American cities with comparable demographics. Once Whites and industry leave, ruin befalls a municipality. No sadder testament to this reality exists than Detroit. According to statistics released by the FBI back in September, Detroit has the highest violent crime rate of any city in America with over 100,000 residents. The savagery in Detroit receives little national attention anymore, because quite frankly, the whole situation is depressing. From an aerial view, much of it looks like a place that was carpet-bombed and returned to nature.

Headlines have been coming out recently like this one from The Detroit News: “Detroit Has Lowest Homicide Tally in 50 Years.” True, but the population was more than twice as high back then. Moreover, on a per capita basis, the rate is roughly triple what it was before the “uprising” of 1967 that marked the city’s death knell.

Wounded: 836
Kill count: 267

This is the sort of violence suffered by Third World countries like Venezuela whose citizens must contend with dysfunctional governance. Yet, we’re grappling with that sort of carnage right here. Inimai Chettiar, the director of the Brennan Center’s Justice Program at NYU School of law has recently whined that the Trump Administration has “wrongly pushed” this issue to “scare Americans” into wanting “aggressive immigration enforcement” because “crime rates this year remain near historic lows.” Two things are guaranteed in 2018: Bodies will keep dropping, but the spin won’t stop.

If we had a sane media establishment, they would be discussing why the US is largely unable to discharge the most basic duty of government, which is the preservation of order for the safety of its citizens. Honesty won’t happen, because that would raise the question of whether or not we’re living in a First World country anymore.

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