Antifa: an Ideology of Contradictions

If they were serious about beating violent people, they’d hit themselves over the head with a rock.

Antifa: an Ideology of Contradictions

by Yuri Low-interest Loanberg

The extent to which you justify violence against others is the extent to which you justify violence against yourself. For example, if I were to say it’s okay to shoot anyone who vandalizes a car, the implication is that it’s also okay to shoot me if I vandalize a car. Likewise, if I were to give moral permission to shoot anyone who commits robbery, it is morally permissible to shoot me if I commit robbery. Communists say it is acceptable to attack anyone they deem to be a Nazi. Many carry weapons to self-proclaimed “self-defense demonstrations” that are actually riots to aggressively attack people for expressing opinions they don’t like. Since Antifa declared that it’s alright to sucker punch people who think differently from you, or get them fired, they have justified those same actions against themselves.

Communism is the most deadly ideology ever. The clowns who adhere to this failed ideology say that ethno-nationalists are a danger to all mankind when all we want for ourselves and our people is to be peacefully isolated from other groups. Although I do not speak for every member of the broader identitarian movement in North America, I would be glad to have a peaceful meeting with Antifa to decide where our ethno-state should be and where their stupid little workers’ paradise should be, but they insist on attacking us with lethal force in the name of self-defense.

By attacking “Nazis,” they have given anyone who opposes them moral license to attack any communist, antifa, or anyone whose ideology could be twisted into being called those things. However, it is well known that the system cracks down harder on the Alt Right (Antifa’s main target) than anyone. Sometimes even when we use legal measures to defend ourselves, we are still locked up, because the current regime knows men like Chris Cantwell and the Gainesville Three pose a very real threat to business as usual. This is why I discourage violence against Antifa. If they were serious about beating violent people, they would hit themselves over the head with a rock.

Antifa claim to be against police brutality, yet they support a political system that has brutalized more people than any other system in human history. They claim to want to help the working class while fighting for a system that has produced poor working conditions and spitting on working-class values like Christianity. These rich kids LARPing as the oppressed are too stupid to know that their anarchist utopias in Kurdistan and Spain were both financed and armed by large super powers. Kurdistan is armed and financed by America to fight ISIS and the Assad government, and the Spanish anarchists were armed and financed by the Soviet Union to fight the Falange as a proxy war against Germany.

We as Identitarians pose more of a threat to the elite than the Antifascists. They and the elite have many of the same goals, even if they want those goals for drastically different reasons. Some but not all of the common interests are greater acceptance of sexual deviancy, an increased amount of ethnic diversity no matter what the cost, increased societal secularization, and the destruction of nationalism. The elite desire those things because they will increase consumption of cheaply manufactured goods and services, lower cost of production, and prevent resistance to international capitalism. Antifascists want them because they incorrectly believe that secularization and the destruction of nationalism are good for the workers, while also being stupid enough to think that anyone who doesn’t want their children abducted by Pakistani rape gangs is the equivalent of someone who wants to murder over 90% of the world’s population. This explains why the elite refuse to take any meaningful action against Antifa; the system is anti-fascist, and we are living under enemy occupation.

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