As Shutdown Looms, Democrats Fight For Foreigners

The Democrats care more about illegal aliens than they do the American people.

As Shutdown Looms, Democrats Fight For Foreigners

by Jay Lorenz

Friday at midnight, the U.S. government will shut down unless a funding bill can be passed by the Senate. The House passed a continuing resolution on Thursday which would fund the government for another four weeks. Senate Democrats are refusing to pass the bill, primarily because it does not include DACA, the program that would grant legal status to 800,000 illegal aliens and millions of their relatives.

This is the hill that most political battles are being fought on in Washington these days. Funding for the military, the Children’s Health Insurance Program, billions of dollars in disaster aid, and many other things are held hostage by Democrats who care only about how many Third World immigrants they can get into America. While this seems like a clear propaganda victory for Trump and the Republicans, it is not so simple.

In hyper-partisan America, the fact that the Democrats are holding up basic government procedure in order the allow illegal foreigners to stay in the country is of no concern to their base. Regardless of the facts surrounding a shutdown, the Democrat base will blame Trump, and Trump’s base will blame the Democrats. Without this understanding, it would be shocking to see what polls say about Americans’ opinions on who deserves the blame. A Quinnipiac poll found that 21 percent of Americans would blame Trump most, 32 percent would blame congressional Republicans most, and 34 percent would blame congressional Democrats. A Washington Post poll shows that 48 percent of Americans would blame the Republicans for the shutdown, while only 28 percent would blame the Democrats.

This makes even more sense when you consider how extreme many Democrat voters are. A CBS news poll found that 57 percent of Democrats think it is worth shutting down the government in order to give the DACA illegals status. The Democrats are so extreme on this issue, that I have found myself agreeing with Paul Ryan, who said, “The only people standing in the way of keeping the government open are Senate Democrats. Whether there is a government shutdown or not is now entirely up to them.”

This much should be obvious, but the Democrats will have no problem convincing their base that it is Trump’s fault. Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer has already laid the groundwork: “The White House has done nothing but sow chaos and confusion, division and disarray,” Schumer said of the shutdown. “And it may just lead us to a government shutdown that nobody wants, that all of us here have been striving to avoid.”

In reality, Schumer and the Democrats could care less if the government shuts down, and they could care less about the American people. They are holding this bill hostage in their crusade for Third Worldism in America. Because of anti-Trump animus, many will blame Trump and the Republicans anyway. However, this is no reason to give in. If the government shuts down at midnight, the reality of the situation will be clear to many Americans: the Democrats care more about illegal aliens than they do the American people.

Jazzhands McFeels

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