DACA Negotiations and Activist Judges

The situation around DACA is evolving quickly. Let’s hash out some fast facts about a recent court ruling and where this is all headed.

DACA Negotiations and Activist Judges

by Wright O’Center

A Ninth Circuit judge from California, William Alsup, has functionally blocked the president from being able to overturn DACA. Judge Alsup believed that the program would cause undo stress on “Dreamers” because of plans made by them regarding the future of the program. The Bill Clinton appointee blocked procedure by preventing the administration from ending the program while DACA recipients are running their cases through the courts. President Trump promised in September that if a deal cannot be made that includes the Wall then he will remove DACA in March. There is a lot of disinformation out there regarding the nature of this ruling, and a lot of it is quite depressing for people who love America.

Judge Alsup’s ruling only allows current DACA recipients to renew their “stay in America for free lol” papers and doesn’t force the acceptance of new applications. The end goal of the ruling appears to be to stop the ability of the United States to remove people who should not be in the country in the first place while DACA’s fate is debated. For those out of the loop, DACA renewals have not been taking place. If this ruling stands it would allow DACA to continue for an undetermined period of time, albeit with no new people applying. This will also cause DACA talks to slow down further as this removes a small piece of the GOP’s bargaining power temporarily.

Judge William Alsup pictured holding a book with values that the people he’s protecting will never hold or understand.

The Democrats cannot allow a deal with the wall to be made so close to the midterm elections, so they may let negotiations fall through. Failed talks may lead to a government shutdown today, and negotiations being kicked further down the line even closer to election time. The shutdown may look good to the suicidal leftist base as a principled stand, but Democrats know that their base isn’t really that important in the grand scheme. What’s important is the almighty fence sitter. With 4 of the top 6 most important voting issues all related to immigration in some way it is no surprise that Democrats want this issue put to bed long before the election. Ultimately the longer this goes on the better, especially when the ruling is overturned. Ideally, DACA will expire in March with no renewals taking place in the mean time.

With the American First team in the talks it may seem the Democrats will never get their way on DACA, especially if this ruling gets overturned and doesn’t even allow them a tiny window of more brown people. This judge has been cucked by the Supreme Court before. A stay was issued late last year against his order that the Trump administration turn over additional documents that detailed its decision making process on DACA. This ruling will only expand the president’s powers to keep people out as this will set an amazing precedent regarding immigration powers. The more activist judges try to shut us down the more our side can do after we take it to the courts.

It appears that the Department of Justice is going straight to the SCOTUS to get a direct ruling on Judge Alsup’s injunction, most likely to swiftly set a precedent and preemptively squash any future activist judge objections. According to the standard timeline for SCOTUS, the case will be heard fall of this year, so more DACA renewals will be going through until then. Even if DACA is overturned in March, renewals must be accepted until the court makes its decision.

The fate of DACA is still staying the course, albeit stretched out over several months. The biggest disappointing factor is the renewals while waiting for the court’s decision, but ultimately it will be worth it in the end to secure precedent on this matter. With the interpretation of the law set in stone, the Democrats will lose a major point in their checklist of things they need to demographically change America.

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