Democrat Midterm Election Tactics

After being defeated in 2016, what will the Democrats do to try and turn the tables in the midterms?

Democrat Midterm Election Tactics

The midterm elections will be one of the most important political events of 2018. What should we expect? After all, there certainly are limits to what can be achieved through votes. However, as we learned from the surge of attention garnered during 2015-2016, elections are a time when tepid public awareness is heightened. This is useful because the inflammatory narratives spun by our enemies have proven a significant boon to the trajectory of our movement.

Roy Moore’s recent debacle in Alabama serves as an interesting portent for what we should be anticipating. This election will likely serve as a model for the Democratic approach amongst certain constituencies. In one of the nation’s reddest states, a Democrat won a narrow victory with the votes delivered by an enormous Black turnout. It was so high that it even exceeded that of the Obama election years. This was not widely anticipated.

The chief irony is that the destitute Black population of Alabama was pressed into the service of an open borders/globalist agenda that is directly contrary to their own interests. In the state’s famed “Black Belt,” survival is predicated on transfer payments. Of course, the money required for sustenance doesn’t come from the massive Hispanic influx into the U.S. In a place like California, the illegal population alone is already eating in excess of 17% of the state budget. This isn’t a platform that appeals to Blacks, many of whom can recall being the chief recipients of government beneficence.

Indeed, the principal threat to the livelihood of Black America (which includes actual jobs like lucrative diversity sinecures) is the new demographic wave brought in to displace them along with the White geese that lay their golden eggs. Hispanics are not fond of Blacks. In vibrant metropolises like LA, tamping down on racial violence between these two groups has proven a major challenge for police departments and school systems. “More Mexicans!” is not salable to Black America.

Thus, what’s needed to bring masses of Blacks out to the polls these days (besides free rides and food) is fear of evil White racists. In Alabama, that was accomplished to the tearful elation of our Establishment. The Blacks were sold the narrative that Roy Moore basically wanted to sell them back into slavery. Although it wasn’t exactly a novel tactic, it worked. That can’t go unnoticed.

Blacks are a pivotal voting bloc for the Democrats. Ferrying them to the polls and proffering food has been a well-established procedure for decades. What’s needed to get them in the van is either hope for a Black candidate or fear. Southerner Roy Moore supplied the latter in Alabama. What about in the 2018 races? Trump isn’t even on the ballot. They couldn’t get sufficient Black turnout to stop him back in 2016. This could prompt the search for a new villain.

Who could that be? Hmm, probably us. It’s reasonable to expect plenty of TV ads with shots of Unite the Right and other rallies. There’s no footage of Trump to show with a Confederate Flag. Whatever the Congressional Black Caucus might squawk about Vladimir Putin, their base couldn’t care less. Many of them are too busy trying not to get shot by one another. Who could blame them for not worrying about some nonsensical abstraction?

A concrete enemy is needed. Russians are clearly unsuitable. Milquetoast Republicans don’t work either. This conundrum has the potential to earn us a lot of attention. Consider the fact that 2018 cannot be an issues-based campaign. What will the establishment Republicans run on? “We’re committed to doing nothing for the voters who keep us in office”? In contrast, what would the Democrats run on? “We’ll maintain an open border, even though much of our base is opposed, and it energizes Republicans”?

If I were sitting on the other side of the fence, I’d make the election about people like us. We’re obviously not Nazis, but to the mainstream media, that’s all we are. One of their own surveys estimated us at around 10% of the population. The Nazi narrative can 1) Get Blacks out to the polls 2) Keep golf course White voters devoted to Fox News safely at home. There’s simply no attractive ideological platform for the Establishment to sell. The MSM would drive a hysteria-based election cycle, and the Republicans would embrace the tired, “Whoa! I’m not as bad as these guys, and I wholeheartedly condemn their hatred.” That never works, but when have they failed to follow through on this approach? They’re dedicated losers.

To the Democrats, we are the absolute Worst People on Earth. Yet, we’re truthfully addressing reality on its own terms. Anything that they might do to call attention to our movement helps us far more than them. Politics functions best with bad guys, so we’ll be a tempting target. If they decide to point the finger at us, they’ll regret it. Let’s hope they do, because publicity is one of our best friends.

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