DNC Deputy Endorses Terrorists, Media Stays Silent

Keith Ellison tweeted his support for Antifa on Wednesday. The mainstream media ignored it, because they support the anti-White terrorist group too.

DNC Deputy Endorses Terrorists, Media Stays Silent

by Jay Lorenz

While the media viciously attacked congressional candidate Paul Nehlen last week for reading a book about Jewish influence and evolutionary psychology, it has stayed noticeably silent about a tweet from DNC Deputy Chairman Keith Ellison which appears to endorse the domestic terrorist group, Antifa.

Fox, the Daily Caller, and Newsweek are the only mainstream outlets to pick it up. Newsweek even criticized the backlash against the tweet, calling it “anti-Muslim and racist.” The New York Times, Washington Post, and CNN, which were quick to attack Nehlen for simply reading a psychology text, couldn’t even be bothered to report on a major Democrat figure sponsoring violence against his political opposition and even the president himself. The Post ran two articles which attempt to negatively portray this website (in order to associate us with Nehlen), but give Antifa positive coverage, despite the fact that the federal government has labeled them domestic terrorists.

Openly violent and anti-White antifa are “guardians against fascism” or, at worst, “thrill-seekers.” Non-violent, pro-White people such as Nehlen and the Fash the Nation team are morally reprehensible and a danger to society. Yes, it does get tiresome pointing out all of these double standards sometimes. But if the media is going to support the anti-White Marxist agenda, they deserve to get called out for it.  And if major politicians like Keith Ellison  are going to support anti-White Marxism, they deserve to get called out for it too.

Jay Lorenz

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