Establishing a White Ethnostate in North America

One writer’s take on the mechanics of creating a White ethnostate on the North American continent.

Establishing a White Ethnostate in North America


by Joseph Bem

The Alt Right is increasingly being asked how we would establish a White ethnostate in North America without violent ethnic cleansing. Among many others, the popular YouTubers Sargon of Akkad and Andy Warski asked this question of Richard Spencer and Mike Enoch, respectively.

This is a good question that we should find an answer to, not just in the context of debates but also because people interested in pro-White politics are beginning to ask it. We need an answer that is compelling and will serve as a plan of action for our movement going forward.

The problem that we face in answering this question, however, is stark. Even if President Donald Trump manages to get Congress to agree to build a border wall, pass a merit-based immigration bill like the RAISE Act, and take other actions that would restrict non-White immigration into the United States, America is not on a demographic path that is favorable to those of us who would like to maintain a White supermajority.

White birth rates are low while birth rates for Hispanics and Blacks are high, so even if Trump does manage to build a border wall and pass immigration reform, America will become majority non-White within a few decades. Anything short of ending all non-White immigration tomorrow and bringing in millions of Europeans into America will fail to fix our demographic issues – and that, unfortunately, is extremely unlikely to happen given our political climate.

This might be a tough pill to swallow but it’s time for us to give up on the idea of saving the United States. Any solution we seek out will necessarily have to include separation and secession from the United States of America and the majority non-White hordes within it.

This being the case, we need to start by seeking out overwhelmingly White states that have good economies, are not landlocked, and have more than enough open space to facilitate large numbers of future White immigrants. Once we come to some general consensus on which states those are, we should encourage political migration to those states, a gradual takeover of their political systems, state and local implementation of pro-White policies within the current constitutional framework, and eventual secession.

The American Northeast: Future White Ethnostate?


The best candidate states for a future White ethnostate are, naturally, the three Whitest states in America, all of which border each other: Maine, New Hampshire, and Vermont. As of the 2010 Census, all of these states were more than 90% non-Hispanic White and according to demographic projections they will remain the Whitest states long after the United States of America becomes majority non-White.

In addition to this, there are only 3.3 million people living in these three states who control six U.S. Senate seats – meaning that a successful political migration project could give the Alt Right a disproportionate amount of influence in the Senate.

Crucial to a right-wing political migration project, New Hampshire and Maine are both friendly to right-wing politics. They both harbor large amounts of libertarians, many of whom we know are naturally predisposed to our views due to their beliefs in decentralization and property rights, as well as the relatively large number of ex-libertarians and Hoppean libertarians among the Alt Right. New Hampshire is home to the libertarian Free State Project while Ron Paul Republicans had a strong showing in the Maine caucuses where they won 20 of the state’s 24 delegates. These libertarian activists and former Ron Paul Republicans could serve as an important source of future converts for our growing movement, or at the very least as political allies and supporters of secession from the United States.

More importantly, New Hampshire is home to the second Republican presidential primary in the nation and is viewed as an important gauge of how candidates are doing. In 2016, Donald Trump overwhelmingly won the New Hampshire primary with over 35% of the vote, while the runner-up (Kasich) only won 15% of the vote. A large number of pro-white activists in New Hampshire could help swing future presidential elections in favor of candidates who represent our interests. Also important to note is that New Hampshire is a swing state, so it is considered an important state for presidential candidates in general elections.

Meanwhile, Maine Governor Paul LePage is well-known as a populist Republican and has been smeared as a “racist” by the mainstream media for pointing out racial disparities in crime rates. If a candidate like LePage can win a statewide race in Maine, the Alt Right could support a more explicitly pro-white candidate there in the future and have a reasonable chance at winning.

Vermont, of course, is the exception; it is one of the most far-left states in the union, at least as it’s viewed in the present political paradigm. While this isn’t necessarily great for us, there are two reasons why the Alt Right should try to salvage Vermont: (1) we could redirect their natural collectivist impulse toward nationalism instead of socialism, and (2) the state is already home to its own secessionist movement, which we could harness to further our own political goals.

Implementing Pro-White Policies

If the Alt Right undertakes a successful political migration project, there are three kinds of policies that we should seek to implement on the state and local level: policies that discourage non-Whites from living in our communities, policies that promote White birth-rates, and policies that will hurt the abilities of our political enemies to operate. Of course, any such policies would initially have to be implemented in compliance with federal law, meaning that no explicit discrimination would be allowed.

There are two main ways that the Alt Right can use the public policy process to discourage non-Whites from living in our communities: by cutting the welfare state and increasing punishments for criminal activity. We should seek to cut the welfare state because non-Whites disproportionately benefit from it at the expense of White taxpayers and because the welfare state acts as a magnet that attracts non-White migration. We should beef up punishment for criminal activity, because crime is predominantly a non-White activity: we know that Blacks and Hispanics commit a disproportionate amount of crime. By cracking down on crime and taking a strong stance in support of law enforcement, we can make sure that our communities appear unwelcoming to crime-prone non-Whites.

In order to boost White birthrates, the Alt Right should seek to implement paid maternity leave for women, strong tax incentives for married couples with children, and a total ban on abortion. In addition to boosting White birth rates, by tying the maternity leave to employment and tax incentives to the amount of income married couples earn, we would be promoting birthrates in a eugenic manner among the most intelligent and capable Whites.

Lastly, in order to hurt the abilities of our political enemies to operate, the Alt Right needs to push for policies that will defund universities, reduce the power of public sector unions, and encourage private and homeschooling as an alternative to public schools. By attacking these three left-wing dominated institutions via the policy process, the Alt Right can hurt the left-wing indoctrination machine as well as a major source of their funding (unions).

Working Towards Secession

After the Alt Right takes over land for our ethnostate and implements policies that will maintain a White supermajority in our areas, we must begin the arduous process toward secession. This, no doubt, will be difficult but can be accomplished.

Every great empire eventually collapses and it increasingly seems like our American empire is getting closer to its end. With high levels of immigration from low-IQ racially alien peoples, military overextension overseas, high levels of government debt, an ever-growing bureaucratic class, a weak economy, and an increasingly corrupt financial system, the United States really does seem to be on its last legs. The system as a whole is not healthy and it isn’t doing anything to improve its situation in the future.

But in order to separate from the federal government, the Alt Right will undoubtedly have to do its best to give the system a little push from the outside in order to ensure its dissolution. There are two main ways we can accomplish that: first, by promoting support for decentralization among the general public and second, by forging pragmatic alliances with other secessionist movements.

There are already pro-decentralization organizations within the United States like the Tenth Amendment Center and the libertarian Ludwig von Mises Institute. We should support these organizations to the extent that they give our movement room to push for secession as a viable solution in the minds of the general public.

But more importantly we should seek strategic alliances with other secessionist movements, such as the Aztlan movement, which seeks to create a Mestizo ethnostate in the Southwest United States, and the Cascadia movement, which seeks to create a left-wing and environmentalist state in the Pacific Northwest.

As distasteful as such pragmatic alliances can be, if we work in conjunction with these movements to promote a breakup of the United States and if all of our movements manage to put pressure on the federal government at the same time for secession, then the political establishment will be largely powerless to prevent all of us from seceding at the same time.

At that point, we could establish our own ethnostate and begin implementing more explicitly pro-White policies that ensure the survival of our race.

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