How To Save White Urban Liberals

First, we take back our own lives. Then, we show them what a life of purpose is.

How To Save White Urban Liberals

Urbanization is a massive problem.

The major cities of America—New York, Los Angeles, and Chicago—are bastions of Cultural Marxism. From here is where the urban elites gather, creating their plans on how best to shape the nation in their image.

So, what is their image?

Urbanites Wish To Create an “Urban America”

I identify Urbanization as 1 of the 4 major power centers of the Cultural Marxist Left in this articleUrban centers are places where White liberals, SJWs, urban elites, homosexuals, and non-Whites congregate and implement their Cultural Marxist programs. These cities are very diverse (diversity meaning fewer Whites) and socially liberal (of the Cultural Marxist variety).

Much of the reason for the constant liberal outcry with the election of Donald Trump is that they can’t understand how any person could have voted for him. They live in an urban bubble where most everyone is a conformist; they all believe in the Leftist Cultural Marxist ideology of pro-feminism, pro-homosexuality, pro-diversity (fewer Whites), open borders, and especially the idea of living in and for the moment.

“New” America: Multi-Cult America

Urbanites are surrounded by other people who think the same as they do, and can’t understand how Trump won. They can’t seem to wrap their heads around the idea that millions and millions of Americans reject their Cultural Marxist beliefs. They are conformists to the greatest degree. They regurgitate the same talking points the Corporate Media tells them to say. They believe that since all the Cultural Marxist ideas are “popular,” they must be right and that everyone must conform to them. They wish to create an America that is one big New York City.

Now that I’ve given a little insight into the average urbanite mindset, let’s look into one specific group: the White Urban Liberal.

White Urban Liberals are Children

Big cities do have a lot of power and clout in their respective states, and even nationally. They have enough power to sway state elections from red to blue. If you took away Chicago and New York City, Illinois and New York would be red states.

Much of the economic activity, and in turn what makes these cities powerful, is because of the economic productivity that the White Urban Liberals who live there provide. These White Urban Liberals (WULs) usually move from their small towns and suburbs to the big city. One of the main reasons given for this move is because of  job opportunities. I would argue that WULs move to the city in order to avoid accepting any responsibility.

Again, WULs are almost all conformists in the strictest sense. These are your sports-watching, beer-drinking, molly-taking, and weed-smoking, PUA (Pick Up Artist) shitlibs. They are the ones who buy into what the Corporate Media has told them to believe: the next logical step after college is to move to the big city…. in order to extend this infantile and adolescent lifestyle.

Just part of the urban lifestyle. . . what you’re not doing this? You must be lame.


They won’t ever come out and admit this, of course. But, if you just look at their lifestyle, it is clear. Some of the traits and thoughts of these WULs are:

 Going to all of the festivals and concerts that the city offers. It’s all about experience and living in the moment, so why not go to all of these events in order to drink heavily and take drugs? It’s what I’m told is cool, so if I don’t do it then I must not be cool.

 Working for the weekend. The weekend is a time to get smashed with your boys at the bar. Spending $50+ on drinks is totally acceptable. I mean you slaved away all day in an office job that you don’t like, so why not?

 Staying out late to pick up chicks. No, you’re not looking for a girlfriend (or a wife, lol) as that’s too expensive and would be an actual responsibility, and you’re not about that life. But, Hollywood movies and TV shows have taught you that you should have as much sex as possible, and if you’re not than you are missing out in life.

 Staying out late to hook up with guys. You’re a college-educated, empowered single woman with her own job and apartment. The Hollywood movies, TV shows, and celebrity gossip all encourage drinking and hooking up with random guys, so it must be acceptable and normal. If you aren’t doing this then something must be wrong with you.

Girls: you’re not cool if you’re not dressing like this and grinding with random guys at concert festivals

If you’ve ever been to college, especially a big one, you will notice something about the above. This thought process and lifestyle is almost exactly the way college kids are told to live, to a T.

Much of the WULs lifestyle is basically an extension of adolescence.The definition of adolescence is as follows:

The period following the onset of puberty during which a young person develops from a child into an adult.

The main difference between a child and adult is responsibility. A child is usually unable or unwilling to take responsibility for themselves, take care of themselves, or to take responsibility for others. Living in the moment, for only yourself, is the definition of being a child. When your whole life revolves around going out on the weekends to binge drink, take drugs, hook up with random people, and party, you are not an adult. You might say that at least they are responsible and have a job, and to that I say that the job only exists in order to fund their selfish ways.

I haven’t even mentioned the high cost of living. By living in these cities and living for the moment, most of these WULs have little to no savings. If you’re only purpose is to indulge in bodily pleasures, then of course you won’t worry about saving much money until you are older. Never mind that many of them are in their upper 20s and 30s and still living this lifestyle.

White Urban Liberals Fund Cultural Marxist Programs

Chicago Public Schools. Very diverse. Diversity is Our Strength.

The majority of government programs don’t benefit Whites. Most of the welfare, housing, food stamps, cash payments, after-school programs, etc. are tailored for non-Whites. The majority of government jobs in these urban areas go to non-Whites. Just walk into any city or urban county office and you will easily see 50%+ of the workers being non-White. These jobs pay well, have great benefits, and pay incredible pensions (so much so that major cities are bankrupting themselves to pay $50,000+ pensions for people who no longer work).

As WULs are the majority of the productive class in these cities, we can see that they are the main financiers of these Cultural Marxist programs.

Why are they living this lifestyle? Why are they simply living in the moment and not planning for a future?

Mexicans are just taking the welfare that Whites refuse to take

White Urban Liberals Lack Purpose

Let me reiterate: WULs are conformists. When you conform, you just accept what is “popular” as what is right. Most of us were not conformists and were able to find and seek truth, instead of just believing what we were told to believe. Since they are conformists, they believe in whatever purpose they are told to pursue.

What is the purpose that our great gatekeepers of the culture tell us?

• Experience matters most. Live in the moment, be “free,” and do what “feels” right.

• You’re only going to be in your 20s once, so enjoy it (read: seek immediate gratification) as much as you can. Stop “adulting” and have fun.

• Serious girlfriends/boyfriends, wives/husbands, and children are a burden and not necessary to enjoy your life. Responsibility is for grown ups, and you’re only 26

• Drugs and sex are liberation. Family and traditional culture is oppression.

• The pursuit of pleasure is the purpose of life.

Their purpose is no purpose. Your purpose cannot be to simply fulfill immediate gratification for your senses. There has to be something more. Many of us have come from or lived a college/urban lifestyle. We have recognized its folly and have made changes in our life to find our purpose.

What is our purpose?

Many of us, after finding truth and seeing the reality of our world, have come to find a similar purpose for our life. Roughly speaking, our purpose is to find a way to continue our way of life. Our purpose is to find a way for the continued existence of our people.

We know that in order to achieve our purpose, if we really are serious about it, we need to make positive changes in our lives. Our Cultural Marxist brainwashing may still have some effect on us, where we view some of these things to be “uncool.” I still have to deal with it, as the programming goes deep. But, we all need to push forward.

We need to make positive changes in our lives, such as:

• Realizing that life isn’t simply about what gives us pleasure, that is, what feels good only in this moment.

• Realizing that there is something greater than ourselves to work towards, to fight for, to preserve. 

• Realizing that watching pornography, abusing alcohol, and abusing drugs harms us in our goals and life purpose.

• Realizing that a PUA lifestyle is one of pleasure seeking, and one that actually harms both us and our own women. 

• Realizing that we may need to sacrifice and plan for the future.

Changing yourself isn’t easy. I’m not going to sugarcoat it.

In fact, it can be extremely difficult. The only way that I’ve made sustained changes in my life is when I had an overriding purpose to pursue. Do you have a purpose in your life? Are you working towards something greater than yourself? If yes, we all need to make changes in order to pursue and ultimately accomplish our goals in life.

It’s hard enough to change ourselves, let alone other people, but the best way to change others is to change yourself for the better, first and foremost.

When others see you as a mentally and physically strong, determined, and purpose-driven person, they will respect you. They might begin to question what they are doing with their own lives. THAT is how you encourage others to change their own behavior. YOU show them how it is done, so they know it is possible and is positive.

The time is now.

Implement and work towards your purpose in life. Always ask yourself, “Is what I’m doing helping me achieve my goals—helping me pursue my purpose?” If not, try to work on it. If so, keep doing what you’re doing and always try to keep improving yourself.

The last thing I need to say:

I want you guys to know this. In order to know where I’m coming from.

Many years ago, I was the typical “college” kid.

I was a “cool” kid.

I did party; I did drink heavily.

I did pursue a PUA lifestyle.

I did live a selfish lifestyle only for myself and seeking my own pleasure.

That is why I can discuss this topic with such depth.

I’ve been there. It was because I had no purpose in my life.

But that has all changed now.

All of you I’ve met and interacted with, either in person, via Twitter, in comments sections, etc., you are all way cooler and better people than all of my so-called cool friends ever were. You know the type: high school/college athletes. Guys who hooked up with random girls. Guys who went to all the concerts and parties just to do drugs. They are all conformists through and through.

You are not. You are the type of person I want to interactive and spend my time with.

We seek the truth. We will continue to find it.

I am glad we are on the same side, that we have the same purpose.

The time is now.

Let’s go.


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