Immigrants and the Test of Manalive

President Trump stated the obvious about the Third World. The shocked, indignant responses show that suicidal altruism is now the highest moral virtue recognized by conservatives.

Immigrants and the Test of Manalive

by Gaius Marcius

G.K. Chesterton once proposed an experiment to reveal the shallowness of nihilism and the human instinct for self preservation. In the test of Manalive, an unsuspecting subject who claims that life is meaningless is left alone in a room and then suddenly surprised by a gun wielding assailant. Chesterton believed that even the most committed pessimist would run, or fight, or at least flinch, thereby revealing their visceral preference for life over death. The 21st century might shake even Chesterton’s faith in humanity. The great European powers of Chesterton’s era, England and Germany, seem determined to fail the test of Manalive on a national scale. Germans in particular are resorting to more and more ridiculous antics to prove that they do not care about the fate of their nation.

Europe is a graphic example of mass immigration gone wrong, but America is little better, though the sheer size of this country masks the effects of immigration. GOP pundits and candidates regularly contrast European decadence to American common sense. The United States has free speech and gun rights enshrined right in the Constitution, so obviously we would never follow the suicidal immigration policies of Europe, right? For years conservative voters thought that their representatives were sincere about defending America’s borders, even as the GOP helped make America a multicultural hellscape. Donald Trump, scourge of cuckservatives, has revealed the true Third World sympathies of the American ruling class with one pithy, incontrovertible phrase that echoed Ann Coulter’s sentiments from early 2015:

In Nigeria, everyone is a criminal,” Coulter claims. “But we take more immigrants from Nigeria than we do from Britain. Don’t react casually to that! That’s madness. The British are just going to other countries. And a lot of these countries, like Spain, are just shitholes now. Young, smart people are emigrating to Germany and they won’t be collecting Social Security immediately. Perhaps we should consider them rather than a Nigerian terrorist.”

The Left and the media have become so detached from reality that there really is no reason to try to argue with them about the relative merits of Norway and Haiti or the social cost of Third World immigration which they so ardently deny.

Conservatives similarly place the libertarian economic fetish above other considerations, so immigrants in the conservative imagination only have to want to work hard and earn money to be valuable Americans. Personally, I suspect that one Norwegian could add more to the U.S. economy than ten hard-working Haitians, but hard luck stories about the old country tug at conservative heart strings, so Haitians get sympathy points. It must be a source of amazement to Third World immigrants that advanced nations keep falling for the same ploys that have been in circulation since the 18th century, when Daniel Defoe wrote about French refugees claiming religious persecution to gain access to English jobs:

“I have indeed heard my father say that he was pestered with a great many of those who for any religion they had might e’en have stayed where they were, but who flocked over hither in droves for what they call in English a livelihood; hearing with what open arms the refugees were received in England, and how they fell readily into business, being by the charitable assistance of the people in London encouraged to work in their manufactures… and that they had a much better price for their work than in France and the like.” Roxana Ch 1

When TruCons™ are done arguing that immigrants are good for the economy, they also make a virtue out of handing over the accumulated prosperity of the West to non-Whites who seem to share a few abstract political or religious principles with us. Many conservatives have so entirely absorbed the propaganda of American Exceptionalism and racial egalitarianism that they will accept any disastrous immigration policy, trusting to assimilation, free market principles, and American values to solve any minor problems along the way. Glenn Beck or Erick Erickson could give Richard Burton’s speech to Haitian “freedom lovers” from the end of The Comedians with total sincerity.

To face things as they are in 2018 means to recognize that a Third World population is incompatible with White, European civilization.  At one time the United States had a strong enough sense of national identity to assimilate tiny numbers of non-Europeans on the basis of, for instance, shared Christian faith. But conservative pundits today would be horrified by the bigotry of the expectation of conformity that previous generations placed on non-White immigrants. The Left’s reaction to Trump’s comments is predictable because making America a Third World country is the main goal of liberal immigration policy. The greater challenge for the Trump administration is that conservatives who want to let in Haitians, Somalians, and Mexicans have no idea what this will do to America, despite the glaring evidence known as Haiti, Somalia, and Mexico.

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