Would Iran Be Better Under Democracy?

‘Democratic regime change’ is a euphemism for the Globalist agenda.

Would Iran Be Better Under Democracy?

by Markos Power

Currently, Iran is undergoing some serious domestic issues. People are out in the streets demanding regime change, calling for “freedom and democracy,” and chanting death to the Ayatollah. Let’s examine why this is happening right now, and what the implications may be for Iran, and the world in general, if the current Iranian regime is to be overthrown.

ISIS (Western, Turkish, Saudi, and Israeli backed) Defeat In Syria

During the course of 2017, ISIS went from controlling major areas in both Syria and Iraq to now being practically nonexistent in both countries. The goal was regime change by proxy via ISIS and other “moderate” Islamic terrorist groups. They were defeated by a combination of Russian military assistance as well as Donald Trump’s withdrawal of American support. This was a major set back for the Globalist project. They have had their sights set directly on Russia; Syria and Iran as the major allies needed to be addressed. With Bashar al-Assad still in power and ISIS defeated, we can be sure those that funded these terrorist groups are not in a happy state.

As such, it is no surprise that only months after the Syrian government’s victory an uprising in Iran has begun. I will not address the “how will it play out” or “what will happen next” scenarios, but instead one much more interesting.

What Will It Mean If Iran Becomes A ‘Democracy’?

In the new Present Year of 2018, the word “democracy” is still used to mean accepting Globalism and its Liberal ideology. As such, we can expect the following to happen:

1. Strict Implementation of Pro-Homosexual Propaganda

As in all other “democracies” plugged into the Globalist system, we can expect massive pro-homosexual propaganda to be pumped throughout the nation. The Iranians will be forced to accept that extremely high levels of promiscuity, the highest levels of STDs, and extremely high levels of drug use is completely normal. They will be forced to accept that a homosexual lifestyle is not only just as good, but even better than actual sex between a man and a woman. When the new Democratic Iran accepts the Globalist pro-homosexual agenda, they will be praised.

2.Pro-THOT Feminism

Feminism must be strictly encouraged and enforced in the new Iranian Democracy. Women must not only be pushed into CEO and other corporate positions, but thrust into power in the government. “Women’s Rights” and abortion must be strongly encouraged. This new Democratic Iran must not only allow, but actively promote a woman’s right to go to the bar, get drunk, and hook up with a random guy. Traditional marriage and having children must now be viewed as a burden, and the Iranian women should be encouraged to “get educated” and push off having a family for as long as possible. These women will be strong and independent and “won’t need no man.”

When the new Democratic Iran accepts Globalist Pro-THOT Feminism, they will be praised.

3. Mass Third World Replacement Migration

Although this third step is mostly exclusively used for White European nations, implementing democracy has a track record of opening up your nation to mass migration and foreign influence. In a few years, this brave new Iranian Democracy will be in need of cheap labor. With democracy comes massive “privatization” schemes where multinational corporations and rich foreigners buy up all of the nation’s assets. With foreign interests now in control of major assets, there will need to be massive Third World migration.  Iran will need more people to not only sell more things to and thus increase corporate profits, but in order to drive up the cost of real estate (now that rich foreigners have bought up a huge chunk of it). These “new Iranian” migrants will be used as a voting block who will always be in favor of Globalist policies and the big governments that support them.

When the new Democratic Iran accepts Globalist Replacement Migration, they will be praised.

Better Or Worse

You decide.

I’m not a big fan of Islamic theocracy, but compared to truly repressive systems like the one found in our “ally” Saudi Arabia, Iran’s isn’t as bad. Why again aren’t we promoting and supporting regime change in Saudi Arabia but instead only in Iran?

Let’s not pretend here: the people most loudly pushing for a “democratic” regime change in Iran do not care about the women, the children, or the Iranian people at all.

They only care about power. They want Iran to implement a Globalist agenda in order to remove it from Russia’s sphere of influence and to bring it into the Globalist order. 

Using democracy is just a means to an end. The sooner everyone realizes this, the sooner we can decide if “freedom and democracy” has any value to anyone outside of the Globalist elites.


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