Norway vs. Haiti—Which Way, America?

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Norway vs. Haiti—Which Way, America?

by Alex Witoslawski

On Thursday, President Trump reportedly balked at an immigration deal that would open our borders to people from Haiti and Africa, demanding to know why America should accept immigrants from “shithole countries” rather than from countries like Norway.

As to be expected, these comments of Trump’s stirred up controversy. CNN and MSNBC were both virtually wall-to-wall coverage of how Trump is bigoted, racist, and so on.

Trump’s comments, however, were extremely illustrative of the immigration debate going on in America today. They got at the heart of the immigration issue in a way that no big donor-approved politician or corporate talking head on TV will ever dare to do–but before we get into that we should look into the differences between these two countries.

All of these statistics are from the CIA World Factbook, unless noted otherwise:


Ethnic Demographics: 91.5% European, 8.5% other

Religious Demographics: 71.5% Lutheran, 2.8% Roman Catholic, 3.9% other Christian, 2.8% Muslim, 9.5% other/unspecified

Average IQ: 100

Literacy Rate: 100%

GDP Per Capita: $69,400

Murder Rate: 0.6 per 100,000


Ethnic Demographics: 95% Black, 5% Mulatto

Religious Demographics: 54.7% Roman Catholic, 23.3% Protestant, and about 45% Voodoo (about 80% of Catholics also practice Voodoo)

Average IQ: 67

Literacy Rate: 60.7%

GDP Per Capita: $1,800

Murder Rate: 6.9 per 100,00

So Which Way, America?

President Trump’s comments on this topic were illustrative of the larger immigration debate happening in America, because they showed the two paths that we could take going forward.

The first path is one where we would focus on our own national self-interest; we would take immigrants who are intelligent, employable, well-behaved, and ethnically/religiously similar to the founding stock of this country. These types of immigrants will not only benefit our country in terms of what they can produce, but they’ll also assimilate easily due to their high intelligence and ethnic similarity.

The second path we could take, which is the path that we’re currently on, is one of self-sacrificial altruism where we take low IQ, unskilled, poorly-behaved, and ethnically/religiously alien immigrants. These types of immigrants are almost always on net a burden to the host country and never assimilate due to their ethnic and religious differences with the host population.

The first path is the one our country followed from its founding up until 1965, when a series of immigration reforms replaced nation-of-origin quotas and merit-based immigration with humanitarian chain migration originating from anywhere in the world. During this time period from 1776 to 1965, America went from being a relatively unimportant republic on the edge of civilization to a world superpower.

But since the 1960s, when our political elites decided that we should take in anyone from the Third World without regard to merit or demographics, we’ve seen America stumble as new waves of ethnically alien migrants and their progeny turned our once-great cities into blighted crime-ridden ghettos and used identity politics to extort more taxpayer-funded government services from the host population.

Now anyone who dares to stand up for American interests–even the President–is deemed a bigot, racist, White supremacist, and nearly every other slur in the book simply because they recognize reality and want to put Americans first.

It’s time for the American people to wake up and put an end to our disastrous immigration policies. We absolutely must return to our pre-1965 immigration system where Europeans were given a preference over non-Europeans. And we must do this before it’s too late.


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