On Immigration, There is No Middle Ground

The Democrats’ open borders ideology and Trump’s America First approach mean the two parties are miles apart on an immigration deal.

On Immigration, There is No Middle Ground

by Jay Lorenz

Last week’s shutdown signaled the beginning of a chess game between Trump and the Democrats over immigration policy. The Democrats caved on the shutdown, and both parties agreed to negotiate on immigration and reopen the government. Trump produced a plan which provided a path to citizenship for 1.8 million illegal aliens in exchange for $25 billion in wall funding and an end to the diversity lottery and chain migration. This massive amnesty (it would be the second largest in American history) was rejected with disdain by the Democrats. They wanted more. Illinois Rep. Luis Gutierrez suggested Trump “erect a 50-foot concrete statue of a middle finger and point it toward Latin America” instead, because both would be equally offensive. House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi had even harsher words for Trump and his base:

Implicit in her argument is that she is campaigning to make America less White. She is arguing for the status quo—the browning of America—while saying that any whitening would be morally wrong. Pelosi believes that non-Whites are morally superior to Whites.

Of the Trump administration, she said, “They are changing the character of our country” by restricting immigration. She claimed illegal aliens “are honoring the values of our founders, who predicated everything they did [sic] every generation would make the future better for the next. And with those same values, these newcomers make America more American.”

According to Pelosi, maintaining an ethnically homogeneous country changes our national character, but having mass immigration of foreign cultures and races keeps it the same. Non-Americans make us more American. Could anything be more directly the opposite of the truth?

There is no middle ground on immigration. When amnesty for 1.8 million non-Whites is decried as White supremacy, there is nowhere for negotiations to go. The Democrats are vehemently against any immigration restriction whatsoever. Their electoral strategy requires the browning of America, and they want it now.

Trump is playing the Democrats perfectly. After pinning the shutdown on them, he now offers them a seemingly generous proposal, knowing they won’t accept after the shutdown embarrassment. Now it is clear the Democrats are guilty of holding up DACA and a larger immigration solution. Trump, of course, was not shy in noting this on Twitter:

Now Trump can claim to have tried to find a way for citizenship for DACA recipients (who have broad public support according to polling), but the obstructionist Democrats got in his way.

The Democrats are strategically failing. When this all began, they had two choices: make a deal that would have to include concessions to Trump or rally their anti-White base and take the hard line. Instead, they balked during the shutdown and refused to negotiate on a DACA-plus deal when offered. Thus, when presented with two paths, the Democrats chose neither, and they are paying for it. The far left of the party and the moderates are both unhappy, and the Democrats have absolutely nothing to show for it.

Trump caught some criticism for this proposal from the right too. These critics are correct that amnesty for 1.8 million is unacceptable. However, Trump knew they would never accept the deal. Yes, the amnesty is big, but the other side of the proposal is loaded with stuff the Democrats never dreamed would be on the chopping block before Trump. The Democrats are reliant for votes on the chain migration and illegal immigration the deal targets. They are also under pressure from the far left and anti-White groups with money and institutional backing. The anti-White left is hanging like an albatross from the Democratic Party right now. They want “all 11 million” and more. And it is too late for the Democrats to appeal to White moderates. This response from the establishment showed that it is moving further away from its moderate White base and closer to its new non-White voting base.

As the Democrats grapple with the reality of their fragile coalition, Trump comes away clean. He looks like he tried to compromise, allowing him to keep the opportunity to shift to the right if needed.

Another political victory from this is the state of political discourse right now. This immigration debate is starting a national discussion on whether it is a moral imperative to have a non-White majority, as Pelosi said. Even more than immigration, the discussion of demographics is the best thing the national conversation could be about. We want Democratic leaders on the news every day explicitly saying that their main goal with immigration is to make America brown, and to make Whites more and more irrelevant. This is good for Trump and even better for the Alt Right.

It is likely that Trump will continue his play at the State of the Union address on Tuesday. He’ll try to come off as magnanimous as possible toward the “Dreamers.” He is going to claim the Democrats are the only thing in the way of a DACA deal. It won’t be pretty, and some of it will be unnecessary, but it will win politically.

Meanwhile, the Democrats will have a few days to think about their next move as the February 8 shutdown deadline looms. The “bipartisan” Gang of Soy immigration bill put forward by Lindsey Graham and Jeff Flake isn’t going to pass, and isn’t a serious bill. If they want to pass something, the Democrats will have to negotiate starting from Trump’s proposal. More likely, they will be content to shut down the government on behalf of foreigners again next week.

Jay Lorenz

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