The End of the Skeptics

Sargon of Akkad’s meltdown is the latest blow to a dying skeptic community.

The End of the Skeptics

by Eric King

Over the last month or two, we have witnessed the end of the so-called “skeptic community.” The skeptic community and its rise to prominence online represented a particular moment within the American and, to a certain degree, European political struggle against the social justice radicals of the Left. It represented a moment in which there was a great deal of discontent with the SJW ideology and political program but very little in the way of a real opposition to it. The conservative and libertarian arguments against the Left and SJW censorship had gone rather stale, but young people were still hungry for someone who would speak out against the SJWs in an authentic way. That someone was, for a time, the skeptics. And with the end of the SJW moment, the skeptics have begun to fade as well.

The skeptic community was a reactionary response by predominately White male liberals against a radical feminism that attacked all men and a social justice ideology that attacked them for being White. In years past, on the Left, if you were a White male, you could attack those of a lower social status than you, like the religious Right or “rednecks,” and that would be enough to prevent other Leftists from calling you a racist. But this changed with the SJW rise to power on the Left. White male liberals started having their liberal privileges challenged, and they didn’t like it. But they didn’t want to move to a radical position, like the Alt Right, because they wanted to keep their social capital. So they stuck with their deconstructionist views on race, their individualist views on social issues, and attacked what they saw as the stupidity and insanity of the SJWs because they viewed this to be a safe ideological position. Safe in the sense that they thought enough liberals would agree with them on opposing the more radical aspects of SJWism and that moderates of all stripes would not have much room to criticize them.

Fundamentally, the cause of the downfall of the skeptic community has been their inability to argue against the Alt Right. When their enemies were the low-hanging fruit of crazy feminists, gender queer teenagers on Tumblr, or delusional anti-Trump SJWs, they were fine. Given how absolutely insane those different groups of people were, the skeptics looked rational in contrast. But what became increasing clear, as they went up against real intellectual opponents in the Alt Right, is that the skeptics did not and do not have actual arguments. I don’t think I have ever seen Sargon of Akkad take a stance on anything. He says that he is an “English Liberal,” but I have never really seen him defend that position against counter-arguments or talk about how his idea of liberalism is going to stand up against the massive demographic changes happening in England.  In other words, I have never seen him take his own ideology seriously.

The timeline of the downfall of the skeptic community begins, in my view, about six months ago with the controversy over RageAfterStorm. RageAfterStorm was a female YouTuber who was clearly thinking about Alt Right ideas but was also considered part of the skeptic community. She posted a video that was simply called “Race is real,” and the skeptic response to that video was fanatical. She was called a racist. She was autistically mocked by Kraut and Tea because one of her sources wasn’t entirely politically correct, and the skeptics as a whole went after her in a way that I don’t remember seeing them go after anyone else. This set the skeptics off on a trail of attacking the Alt Right. Sargon of Akkad started posting interracial porn on the twitter pages of Alt Right figures because, you know, he’s an intellectual. It seemed that the whole of the skeptic community had now gone to war with the Alt Right.

The result of this war has been the complete destruction of Kraut and Tea. Kraut has deleted his YouTube channel because he got destroyed on the issue of the biological reality of race by the Alt Right. Sargon seems to have been broken by the Alt Right, because sending porn to people on a public platform is not normal behavior, nor was his catty, passive-aggressive performance during the recent Andy Warski broadcast with Richard Spencer, Millennial Woes, and Styx. Sargon wasn’t like this before his interactions with the Alt Right, or at least I don’t remember him being as much of an annoying troll as he is now. The Alt Right has revealed that there isn’t much there there. The skeptics can’t really make arguments; all they can do is snipe and troll. If you make them mad, they will argue for things like White genocide simply to annoy you.

Skepticism is not a position, it is the lack of a position. To end your intellectual development with merely being skeptical of all ideas is to endlessly row a boat in the dark without ever seeking a destination.

Eric King

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