The Low Price of Conservatives

When Trump sides with the GOP establishment, he abandons his base—and his chances for reelection.

The Low Price of Conservatives

by Nathan Karlsen

2016 was supposed to be the year when normie Republicans started to see the world our way. Cracking down on illegal immigration. Ending DACA. No more Zionist wars. Putting a stake through the heart of the GOPe’s unpopular Wall St. agenda and replacing it with a pro-worker, implicitly pro-White platform. It was the first time since 2000 that socially conservative Republicans seemed to have a champion. Sadly, in practice, it’s working out just as poorly as Dubya’s reign.

We were going to fight for a wall, for American first. China and Mexico were going to be put on notice that the open borders and “free trade” surrender of American sovereignty of the past was over.  No more pandering to the LGBTQ freak show. No more “nation of immigrants” drivel. No more fake refugees.

So what did all this winning look like?

Paul Ryan got his Chamber of Commerce tax bill through. Now companies that have made a spectacle of purging crime-thinkers from their jobs and stifling free speech will pay less in corporate taxes. These changes are written as permanent, while the cuts that might help working people are set to expire. There was no simplification of the byzantine tax code. Too many bureaucrats might have become obsolete and been forced to get real jobs.

U.S. Ambassador to the UN Nimrata Haley groveled to Israel at the UN in the most nauseating show of sycophancy since Trump’s visit to the Wailing Wall. She even had the nerve to claim the embassy move was somehow an expression of the will of the American people. Since when has that mattered? Was it the will of the American people when this rootless cosmopolitan helped launch a jihad against Southern history and symbols?

Talk of better trade deals has gone by the wayside—it’s a global economy, goy. Immigration, legal and illegal, hasn’t stopped. The refugee resettlement racket continues. The Muslim ban that isn’t a Muslim ban is the best we got.  Trump’s military tranny ban has been reversed. More troops are going to Afghanistan, for what purpose no one knows. Meddling in Ukraine to irk the Russians continues.

MAGA is turning into 2004 Bush Republicanism, and the co-opted right’s cheerleading squad is back in business. Trump’s obeisance to King Bibi’s desires is cast as “our President” having “balls.” The tax bill could have come from President Jeb! If there’s any doubt, look at who is praising it. It’s the same rogues’ gallery of Never Trump, Israel first trucons who hated Trump when he looked like a threat to ZOG. Just like bombing Syria made Trump president to the foreign policy elites, the tax bill made him President to country club Republicans. Saying “Merry Christmas” again is a cold comfort.

The major difference between Trump and the previous Republicans is in style more than substance. When he mocks the “fake news” or calls out a foreign leader for pandering to Islamists, it’s easy to remember why we supported him. Unfortunately, his policies are not what the Alt Right voted for. Even Steve Bannon has turned on us. Too many people are invested in the current system to rock it too hard. That could threaten their shekel stream and may even lead to the worst thing that could happen to an American: they might be called ray-cissst!

When Trump called out the Bushes for their disastrous blunders in the Middle East and took on Goldman Sachs, it felt for a brief moment that the old Right had finally shown the Neocons the door. In reality, Trump is repackaging the same policies that made Bush one of our least popular Presidents. Instead of following his gut instincts, Trump has surrounded himself with the same Jewish financiers and warmongers that doomed Dubya. Our erstwhile allies think “this is fine.”

Most conservative White Americans are back on the reservation. There’s no need to shut it down. If the Goyim knew, they seem to have forgotten quickly. The Alt Right hasn’t. 2020 will not go well for Trump if he doesn’t find a way to get back on track. The meme warriors and shitlords, if they are not completely erased from the internet by then, won’t be meme-ing Trump a second term. The razor thin margins that put him over the top in the rust belt will be gone. The White working class in Pennsylvania didn’t vote for the Sheldon Adelson agenda. If the Puerto Ricans who fled the island after Hurricane Maria don’t return, Florida is probably gone. The demographics were already headed in the wrong direction. If they can’t be reversed, Texas and Georgia will go blue too. Enjoy your last Republican president, Kekistanis. We tried to warn you.

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