The Selective Arm of the Law

White America is beginning to realize that the legal system functions on the basis of identity politics and against the interests of the majority of citizens.

The Selective Arm of the Law

By Gaius Marcius

Washington state is suing the Motel 6 chain for violating privacy laws by turning over guest records to the federal government and ICE. Guest information was used to make arrests for immigration violations, so naturally ICE agents disproportionately targeted Latinos, in violation of Washington state’s anti-discrimination laws. Motel 6 originally claimed that the interaction with federal agents was an isolated, local incident in Phoenix, but the Washington Attorney General’s Office alleges that new employees were trained to participate in the data transfer at multiple locations.

Washington state is seeking millions of dollars in fines from Motel 6, which would set a precedent for other private companies that seek to cooperate with federal officials. Corporations are in a lose-lose situation where a conservative administration is cracking down on illegal immigrant labor, but progressive cities and states are passing laws that directly contradict federal law. As everyone knows from public school social studies class, progressive opinion sides with federal law over state law in every case from the Civil War to the Civil Rights era. The moral imperative to resist federal immigration law is just a new twist added to the already incoherent, self-contradictory contortions of American democracy.

Extreme progressives are cheering the destruction of White America, but the moral calculus of progressives infects every question of public order. Consider the following headline:

Would The Hill publish an article that argues that public safety requires American soil to be an illegal immigrant-free safe space for U.S. citizens?

In multicultural, egalitarian America, the racism of a law enforcement program is directly proportional to its effectiveness, and the moral virtue of a law enforcement program is directly proportional to its ineffectiveness. Instead of looking for crime where it is highly likely to be found, law enforcement must pretend to suspect everyone equally. The rights of millions of innocent Americans can be curtailed with impunity so long as it is done equitably. In fact, the only time corporations are praised for resisting government encroachment is when an actual crime has already been committed by one of the protected minority groups. Unfortunately, like the families of Kate Steinle and Justine Damond, White Americans will likely only recognize the one-sided nature of the politicized legal system after many more tragedies occur.

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