Trump Calls Shithole Countries “Shithole Countries”

The media is outraged that Trump would speak such a plain truth, but what about the average American?

Trump Calls Shithole Countries “Shithole Countries”

by Jay Lorenz

President Trump has reportedly spoken another truth that isn’t allowed to be said. In a bipartisan immigration meeting, he questioned, “Why are we having all these people from shithole countries come here?” and “Why do we need more Haitians? Take them out.” Trump also reportedly questioned why the U.S. seeks immigrants from the Third World over places like Norway.

The media and political establishment are collectively freaking out. Don Lemon in particular did a great job of reminding me why I support the President. He began his broadcast by saying, “The President of the United States is a racist. All of us already knew that.” His smugness (this comment is somehow supposed to invalidate Trump’s presidency and voters) permeated through the screen, but all the evidence he used against Trump, I consider to be his finest moments. To prove Trump’s racism, Lemon cited his reported comments on Nigerians living in huts, all Haitians having AIDS, the birther controversy, his comments on Mexicans to open the campaign, the Muslim ban being a central piece of his platform, his stance against the NFL’s kneelers, and his comments in support of the Alt Right in Charlottesville. His recent comments are just the latest encouraging sign in Trump’s presidency. I’m not a regular viewer, but maybe I should start watching Lemon when I start questioning the effectiveness of the Trump presidency.

The White House responded by saying that the comments would resonate with Trump’s base. This is 100% correct. The average White American agrees with the President, and they are both correct. Lemon did not dispute that the base agrees, simply calling them “disgraceful” for doing so. If the majority of White people are racist, as Lemon says, then these comments are mainstream, and thus not outrageous. So why pretend that they are?

Another question to liberals: is there such a thing as a shithole country? If not, how? Are some countries not worse than others? This is all relative—if there are rich countries, there must be poor countries. If there are beautiful countries, there must be shithole countries. Are all countries equal in every way? It would seem not. If there are shithole countries (which it seems there must be since there are beautiful countries), then how is Haiti not one of them? Or would the establishment like to reserve that label for countries like Russia and areas like Appalachia and the American South? Something tells me that if a Democrat called a poor White area a shithole, this outrage wouldn’t exist.

They are angry because Trump is right. According to a 2016 analysis by Global Finance Magazine, 21 of the 25 poorest countries in the world are in Africa, with Afghanistan, Kiribati, the Solomon Islands, and—you guessed it—Haiti the only “exceptions.” Haiti and the Black parts of America are proof that the issue isn’t really “shithole countries,” but certain races who are incapable of reaching Western standards. This is well-known by virtually everyone, including the MSM talking heads who pretend otherwise, and the polite White Americans who understand this, but would never say it.

The work on IQ done last decade by Richard Lynn and Tatu Vanhanen puts the intelligence gap into sharp focus. While White countries average around a 100 IQ and East Asians around 105, African countries come in around 70. Haiti has an average IQ of 67. It gets worse, as inhabitants of Equatorial New Guinea have an average IQ of only 59. It doesn’t take long to realize that the economic statistics line up almost perfectly with the IQ statistics. Africans, wherever they are in the world, are at the bottom of both.

So, why isn’t the President allowed to say it? Because we are controlled by a sanctimonious, out of touch elite, which prefers these people to Americans. Listen to the disdain with which they discuss having White immigrants from Norway versus the unqualified praise they have for the unwashed hordes pouring in from the Third World. In post-truth population replacement America, you can’t be allowed to know the Third World is a shithole, because then you would realize that America is becoming one.

But Trump’s base isn’t going to fall for it. While the media and political establishment summon as much outrage and hysteria as they can, the average American voter shrugs. Why would they want immigrants from these shithole countries?

Jay Lorenz

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