Twitter Bans Third Largest Political Party in Greece, Golden Dawn

Greece for the Greeks? That’s hate speech according to our corporate overlords.

Twitter Bans Third Largest Political Party in Greece, Golden Dawn

by Markos Power

Recently, Twitter decided to ban Golden Dawn. Not only is Golden Dawn Greece’s third largest party in the Greek parliament, but Golden Dawn is also represented in the European Union Parliament. 

From euronews:

“Twitter has suspended the account of Greece’s far-right Golden Dawn party amid a push to combat white supremacist and other hateful groups operating on the microblogging site.

The move on Thursday (January 4) came two weeks after Twitter announced  it had broadened its ‘hateful conduct policy’ to permanently suspend any account that displays ‘violent threats, multiple slurs, epithets, racist or sexist tropes, incites fear or reduces someone to less than human.’ 

In a statement, Golden Dawn slammed the decision, saying the ban was orchestrated by ‘the entangled news media and the corrupt political power which is controlled by the new world order.’

After Facebook of [Mark] Zuckerberg, after Instagram and all the corrupt media, it was Twitter’s turn to target the party in a vulgar manner, it added.

The party said it had sent a ‘tough message of complaint to the company,’ arguing that disabling its account constituted a ‘brutal undemocratic act that violates our political rights as well as the individual rights of half a million Greek Golden Dawn voters who are excluded from being informed about their party’s positions.’

Twitter has not said if the move was the result of its new policy.

Golden Dawn, led by Nikolaos Michaloliakos, is known for its far-right political views. 

In 2013, the party’s leader and other senior members were arrested on charges of forming a criminal organisation amid a police investigation into the murder an anti-fascist rapper by a Golden Dawn supporter. 

The party officially denies being a neo-Nazi movement, despite its swastika-like insignia.

Let me address the insignia quickly. It is the sign of the Greek key, a symbol that has been used all the way back to Ancient Greece for decorative purposes:

To try and tie this symbol to the swastika and National Socialist Germany only shows how desperate and pathetic these pundits are in trying to de-legitimize Golden Dawn and paint it as “evil.”

Everyone Who Is Against Third World Replacement Migration Is A….

Things are bad in Greece.

Communists and Anarchists run wild, while at the same time the Greek government run by SYRIZA (Coalition of the Radical Left) is flooding the nation with thousands of Muslims. The European Union has put a financial stranglehold on Greece and more or less sacrificed the country in order to keep the European ‘project’ together. 

The banning of Golden Dawn tells us something very clearly: the Globalist elites are starting to freak out and worry about the future of their Globalist agenda. They are scaring off more and more Patriots waking up to what is really going on in Greece (and the West in general). 

What is so ‘extreme’ about Golden Dawn’s positions that makes it deserving of being banned from Twitter? Among other things: 

– Golden Dawn and its supporters want an end to illegal Muslim migration from North Africa, the Middle East, Sub-Saharan African, Pakistan, etc.

– Golden Dawn and its supporters want to send home the illegal migrants and criminals who are currently in Greece

– Golden Dawn and its supporters want to keep Greece for the Greeks

This is the real reason Twitter banned Golden Dawn. These ideas of keeping a nation for its own people and stopping Third World migration into the nation are antithetical to the Globalist agenda. They want to prevent these ideas from spreading across all nations of the Western world. 

That’s why supporting and speaking up about these ideas gets you labeled as ‘extreme’ and a ‘neo-Nazi.’  The words are a means of control used to subconsciously convince your brain that these ideas (sending illegals home and keeping the nation for your own people ) is so far out of the acceptable range that you can’t even entertain the thought of it.

There Will Be No Cuck Insurgency

The Globalist agenda of multiculturalism and forced Third World replacement migration only worked in the past because the problems caused were not yet widespread and not widely known about. 

Now that our nations have become increasingly diverse (non-White), the effects of this migration are more widely felt by the native populations. Also, with the rise of the Internet and Alternative Media, we have been able to get the truth out to millions of our people.

Sure, there will be setbacks. But to believe that our people will start flocking by the millions to once again support these failed ideas of Globalism is simply wrong. 

How do we know this? Well, let me put the question to you:

What would it take for you to once again support Globalism, to support mass Third World replacement migration into your nation, to support Multiculturalism and the demonization of your own people, to support feminism and pro-homosexual propaganda?

You know what must be done. Get the truth out there. Speak the truth. Live a good life that others want to emulate. 

The future does not belong to the liars, the cheats, the spewers of falsehoods. 

It belongs to us. 


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