Against Boomer Hate

Are the boomers really responsible for our current societal ills?

Against Boomer Hate


by Yuri Low-Interest Loanberg

If you have been in the Alt Right for long, you have probably noticed anti-baby boomer sentiment. The reason why a lot of us dislike the boomer generation is because the world started to deteriorate around the time they came of age to vote. The Civil Rights Act, the Hart-Celler Act, and the sexual revolution all happened while they hopped on the voting scene. To borrow a phrase from the social justice freaks, that is highly problematic. It is, however, completely unfair to blame the boomers for all of this mess.

For starters most of the boomers were not old enough to vote in the 1964 election and the Hart-Celler act was signed a year later. President Johnson signed the Civil Rights Act just before his re-election, so instead of blaming baby boomers for the wonderful world of equality, we should send our thanks to the greatest generation. Likewise, the Hart-Celler act took five years to kick in so most of them did not even know what was happening in 1970 when minor changes started boiling the frog, so to speak. Eisenhower favored integration at the point of a gun when he sent the 101st airborne to Little Rock, AR, so the greatest generation knew exactly what they were doing when they re-elected Johnson who expanded “civil rights.”

To be fair, the boomers can be rather annoying politically speaking. People like Bill Mitchell, Rush Limbaugh, and Glenn Beck worship Reagan like a god, pretend that black lives matter isn’t about race, fetishize the free market, and think that “fascist” is a synonym for bad. That being said, many people of all generations alive today are like that. Steven Crowder, the majority of insufferable millennials on university campuses, and the skeptic community prove my point. Likewise, we should not forget that all of their information was filtered through the mass media, making movements like ours impossible and any silly ideas that got planted in their minds easily forgivable.

The question we should be asking is how far back the rot goes. There are two competing answers. Evola says just over two thousand years, but if we are to operate within the confines of the modern world we should go with Sam Francis and say 98 years ago with the arrival of an economic class called the managerial elite. Leviathan And It’s Enemies by Sam Francis is a long, complicated book (though still a good read) so I won’t try to summarize the whole thing here, but I will discuss his analysis of the managerial elite.

Once organizations become too large for one person and his trusted associates to manage on their own, the owners begin to take a technocratic approach to administering their organizations, whether they be governmental, corporate, or something else. The highest ranking technocrats, their closest underlings, and the corporate board, but seldom the actual owner have over time come to dominate society in almost every way. Their main goals are to increase consumption of cheaply produced goods and services and to homogenize tastes in those cheaply made goods and services to centralize, to the greatest degree possible, the means of production. Destroying anything socially organic is one of the main ways to increase consumption. If one is severed from all forms of familial cohesion, why not just buy a bunch of stuff to occupy your time? Removing all forms of gender identity, gender roles, and preventing a tribal conscious from developing among the majority who normally wouldn’t be inclined to buy a never-ending stream of cheaply produced crap are all ways of increasing consumption among the masses.

When the greatest generation stormed Iwo Jima, they were not thinking of gay marriage or any of this other nonsense we are living under today. It is undeniable that shortly after World War II the managerial elite took control of all Western societies and sped up the decay that started in the 1920’s.

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