Fash the Nation 107: Just the Tip

Fash the Nation 107: Just the Tip

In what was a clear violation of Trump and other members of his campaign’s fundamental constitutional rights in an attempt to weaponize the intelligence community to alter the outcome of a presidential election, the first in a series of revelations (really confirmations) of treason and corruption were revealed in the infamous FISA memo released on Friday. This memo is just the trailer. What follows, culminating with the IG report, is tantamount to a feature length film – an exhaustive DOJ investigation stretching back to the beginning of the Obama administration. We’re gonna hit levels of treasonous kvetching that shouldn’t even be possible. In the latest edition of FTN, McFeels and Halberstram discuss the memo and where things are headed next, SOTU, DACA, and their vision for immigration in the future. It’s all ahead on Fash the Nation!

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Episode Topics:

00:00:00 – Just the Tip
00:15:00 – The Memo
01:05:00 – Europa Report
01:15:00 – SOTU
01:45:00 – DACA and Immigration
01:50:00 – Muh Blue Wave
02:00:00 – Bottom of the Stack
02:13:00 – Word of the Day
02:15:00 – Nasty Woman in a Mao Dress

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