Fash the Nation 109: Dream Catchers

Fash the Nation 109: Dream Catchers

With Halberstram on vacation, McFeels has teamed up with Ricky Vaughn to lay out some white pills on the disposition of DACA, the anticipated SCOTUS ruling, voter rolls, and midterm elections. We also do a little 1.5 theater on Trump’s televised meeting on trade this week. It’s all ahead on Fash the Nation!

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Episode Topics:

00:00:00 – Mueller Indictments
00:15:00 – DACA Status: Still DOA
00:24:00 – SCOTUS Ruling Outlook
00:30:00 – DACA Legislative Update
00:45:00 – Wall Money in the Budget
00:48:00 – Immigration White Pills
00:57:00 – National Biometric ID
01:03:00 – Europa Report
01:13:00 – Trade Kabuki Theater
01:35:00 – Midterm White Pills
01:45:00 – Schiff Memo MIA / IG Report
01:50:00 – Word of the Day

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