How To Restore The Demographics of America

This is how we Make America Great Again.

How To Restore The Demographics of America

by Markos Power

The United States of America has been undergoing a demographic transformation since at least the 1960’s.

No one voted for it, and no one supported it. Our politicians at the time even made a point to say that it wouldn’t happen. But here we are, 50 years later. 

What Happened

Our politicians lied to us. They betrayed and cheated the people of this nation. They were the frontmen for the various elites and globalist who were behind this change.

The purpose was to erode and eventually destroy the social cohesion of our great nation. 

What has happened is that our nation was forced colonized by the Third World, and our people demographically replaced:

New York City


Los Angeles







The founding people of the nation have been replaced in our three largest cities by foreign Third World colonization. 

Arizona is hanging on by a thread. In Texas, there are already more Hispanic (Mestizo) births than White births. This means that, if nothing changes, Texas may very well swing Blue and thus assure a Republican cannot win another national election. 

These people were brought in for two reasons: power and votes. Non-European people overwhelmingly vote for the left and its globalist policies. The left could not win with their ideas and as such decided to import a ‘new people’ in order to gain the power they so desperately wanted. 

Let me re-emphasize. The people of this nation never had a vote.

They were never given the choice of deciding if they wanted to give away their nation to Mexicans, Indians, Asians, and Muslims. But, I am 100% positive that if they did have that vote, it would have overwhelmingly been rejected. As such, the 1965 Immigration Act (which brought all these people here and continues to do so) is illegitimate and illegal, and all the harm it has caused to our great nation needs to immediately reversed and remedied. 

What Needs To Be Done

Our politicians betrayed the people of this nation by importing foreigners to replace us in our own nation in order to gain power and votes. In order to correct the situation we now find ourselves in, I propose we work towards:


We must restore our nation to a minimum of 90% White European, and all policies must work towards this. No one questions that South Korea, Japan, Nigeria, and Mexico remain overwhelmingly Korean, Japanese, Nigerian, and Mexican. As such, no one should question that the United States, Canada, Germany, Great Britain, and Australia remain overwhelmingly White European, German, British, and Australian. 

Step One: Stop the Flow

Currently, the United States is importing close to 1.5 million Third World Non-European people into our nation every year, legally.  This does not include all of the hundreds of thousands of illegals coming in. 

This must come to a complete halt. As we are working towards #90%NOW, our immigration policies must reflect this goal.

We have one of two choices. Either:

1. An immediate 90% cut in all immigration, plus having at least a minimum of 90% of all immigrants from White European nations (which it always was prior to the illegal Immigration Act of 1965),


2. Immigration needs to be 100% stopped from all nations. 

This will not only help more Americans get jobs, lower housing costs, and lower crime, but give us time to sort out our immigration problems that the previous policies have brought upon us.

Step Two: Re-establish the Truth

The United States was founded as a nation for White European people. As such, our culture must (again) reinforce this narrative, and thus reinforce the truth.

The globalist elites, fake news media, and Hollywood tell us the lies that “diversity is our strength,” “America was never a White nation,” and that “nothing is wrong with America turning brown.” These falsehoods need to be resigned to the dustbin of history.

What needs to be established is that an American saying “America was always a White European nation” is no different than a Japanese person saying “Japan was always Japanese,” which, again, is the truth.

Our culture must reflect this. No more ‘diversity’ hires in our movies and TV shows. No more lying about history and having Black actors playing White characters.

Other nations do not purposely put foreigners in their movies and TV shows. Africans do not pepper their most popular programs with Europeans, Asians, and Mestizos. Arabs do not try to fill their movies with the “diversity” of European and African actors. We have no reason to be expected to do things any differently. 

Step Three: Profit

Our current society is built upon a broken foundation: weakness (victimhood). Somehow, this culture has pushed those who are self-proclaimed ‘victims’ to the top of the morality ladder. All this does is put the weakest and least capable towards the top. Naturally in this system, White European Christian men are put at the bottom of this upside down setup.

We must once again look to follow the normal and natural order of things. We must put those that are most capable: the smartest, hardest working, strongest, and best to the top.

We must once again glorify strength and detest weakness. 

Inspire our society to greatness by glorifying beauty and perfection

It’s Time To Say F*ck You


At the end of the day, we either are going to get what we want, or others are going to take it from us.

We are either going to finally admit that this is our nation, and that we are going to do whatever it takes to get it back. Or, others who want it more are simply going to take it from us.

When the left tries to guilt you saying “You are evil and racist because of slavery and colonialism,” you are either going to say “Yes I’m sorry, go ahead and take whatever you want,” or you are going to say “F*ck you trying to guilt me, this is mine and your attacks on me don’t work.”

If someone said to you “Oh, you are White and because of slavery, give me your house,” your response would be “Get the hell out of here with that nonsense.”

You need to respond the same way to those trying to manipulate you and use guilt as a weapon.

For example, imagine reporters went to Turkey and collectively told the Turkish people:

“Look, your ancestors killed millions of Greek Christians and stole their capital city of Constantinople. You have to give them reparations and give them land back.”

What do you think they would say?

They would laugh in your face.

We must have the same conviction or we will simply give up all our things to other people.

Our people are slowing coming to this conclusion, and I only see good things ahead for us. The truth is finally being spread wide, and there is nothing that those in charge can do to stop the truth.

The future is ours.

We just need to take it. 

Originally published at Purpose to Power


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