Why ‘Accelerationism’ is a Failed Idea We Should Reject

Winning attracts winners. We need as many as we can get.

Why ‘Accelerationism’ is a Failed Idea We Should Reject

by Markos Power

‘Accelerationism’ is the idea that we should support and push to not only continue current globalist policies, but actually speed up and accelerate them further along in order to hasten the catastrophe they will inevitably cause.

This idea was popular during the 2016 U.S. Presidential race. Many on the right were making the argument that it would actually be better if Hillary Clinton, instead of Donald Trump, won the presidency. 

The line of reasoning goes as such:

“It would be better if Hillary wins the presidency. She would make things so bad for our people, that we all would be forced to wake up.”

The assumption is that Hillary would continue the globalist policies of mass Third World migration into the U.S., continue anti-White male and anti-Christian policies, and continue and expand diversity programs which would further harm White Americans’ ability to survive economically.

Basically, the argument hinges on the idea that ‘if we can make things so bad, we will be forced to take our own side and fight back.’

Others have made similar ‘accelerationist’ arguments saying that it would be better if Britain didn’t vote for Brexit, that it would be better if Trump got impeached/got nothing done and lost in 2020, and that it would be better if the European Union keeps flooding Europe with millions more Muslims.

Why This Is An Awful (Loser) Strategy

Dream Big. Win Big. Purposely trying to lose = losing strategy

The belief in accelerationism is bad for many reasons. None of them more so than this: purposely losing attracts losers, which leads to more losing. We already have a crisis in the West where too few men are strong leaders, and too many are weak beta bugmen.

The last thing we need to push is the idea that losing is a good thing and something we need to work towards. The belief that it is somehow a good thing to bring in millions more non-White Democrat voters into the U.S., flood Europe with millions more Muslims, and that we should lose in elections is a blackpilled and defeatist strategy.

Let’s look at these one by one:

1. We should keep flooding the U.S. with millions more Mexicans and other Third World people.

So, you’re saying we should basically help the Democrats and Globalists achieve their goals. You think we should give the Democrats permanent power over our society to ‘wake people up’? What is the end goal of this? Some fantasy land where the citizens decide to overthrow a tyrannical government?

You’re not going to get that. What is more likely is the South Africa scenario where we get weaker and weaker and our people suffer more and more. This is our nation. We shouldn’t be giving anything away.

How about we avoid that scenario, and try to win instead?

2. We should flood millions more Muslims into Europe

Again, how is this strategy any different from what the Globalist elites want or what the Muslims want for that matter? How is this any different from the Europeans 500 years ago saying “Well, the Turks are attacking us and it’s getting tough. Maybe it’s better if we bring more of them into Europe because that will help ‘wake up’ our people.

If our goal is to stop the flow of Muslims and repatriate them back to their home nations, we need to work towards that goal, one step at a time.

Look, I get it. There are times where we feel down and things seem hopeless. But those days need to be behind us. We need to focus on winning and building a better future for ourselves and our people.

What We Need To Do Instead

What do we need to do?


We need to WIN.

At the end of the day, we have all of the most capable people. We have the smartest, the bravest, the best looking, the strongest. We have truth and God on our side. We have everything going for us.

The globalist left cannot compete with us in the arena of ideas, culture, and popularity. Until around 2015, we didn’t even start trying. Look how far our ideas have gotten in only a few short years. It’s because we are the best at competing and we are natural winners.

As winners, we cannot give them any gimmies. We can’t simply not show up on the political arena. Those who wish to do us harm and destroy us cannot be given a free hand anywhere, culturally, socially, or politically. Our ideas must always be there to compete with theirs. Ours are much, much better and based on truth, while there ideas are based on lies and deceit. We will always win if we just show up and get our ideas across.

So, instead of trying to make things worse so they supposedly ‘get better,’ how about we:

• Win at politics

• Win over the culture

• Win against fake news

• Win against anyone in our way

Things are already bad enough, and a lot more people than you might think agree with our positions as they are based on human nature and on truth. Our goal should be to do whatever it takes to get our message out to the people. We have to:

• Make the best podcasts and YouTube videos

• Write the best articles

Make the best arguments with friends and family

• Win, be the best

It is human nature to want to join with the strong, the most capable, the winning team. Only by winning will we attract more people to our side (and better quality), not by losing.

The left does whatever it can to win. They have only been winning because we never showed up to the game. Now that we are here, I am confident we will start to see more and more things go our way.

We just have to keep competing, and we will continue to win.

Let’s go.

Originally published at Purpose to Power.


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