Why the U.S. Is Not A ‘Nation Of Immigrants,’ But Actually Europe In America

The United States is Europe in America, as Haiti is Africa in the Caribbean.

Why the U.S. Is Not A ‘Nation Of Immigrants,’ But Actually Europe In America

by Markos Power

There is an all pervasive story, an old wives’ tale, about how America was founded. A tale started with malicious intent, and spread across not only American culture, but to Europe as well. A tale that needs to be confronted, debunked, and the truth acknowledged.

America Is Not A “Nation Of Immigrants”

The idea that America is a ‘nation of immigrants’ is entirely flawed based simply on the definition of immigrant:

a person who comes to live permanently in a foreign country

By this definition, anyone and everyone can become an American, as long as you live permanently in the United States. By saying that America is a nation of immigrants, what  you
are actually saying is America is a nation for everyone and anyone, and that we should have no standards to who we let live here. This is a childish and naive way of thinking, and that’s exactly why the left has adopted this position in recent years. It plays into the narrative that we are all the same in every way; we are all interchangeable parts and believing anything different is racist and bigoted.

Not only that, but the mantra of America being a nation of immigrants is historically false. When Europeans discovered America, it was a vast, undeveloped land sparely populated by small warring tribes. These Europeans (mainly of English stock) settled the land, conquered the continent, and built the most advanced nation on the face of the Earth.

But in the mind of the hysterical anti-White globalist left, nothing that casts White Europeans in a positive light can be allowed, and thus we are left with ‘America is a nation of immigrants’ instead of ‘America was always a White European nation.’

The term “Nation of Immigrants” wasn’t even widely used until the Globalist Left started to flood our nation with Third World non-European people via the illegal 1965 Immigration Act

We Are ‘Europe In America’

America is not a nation of immigrants, but is actually Europe in America. The nation was created as an extension of Europe on the American continent. Most people inherently know this, but our globalist and corporate culture has been indoctrinating our people with the nation of immigrants lie for the past 50 years.  

Our legal system, our architecture, our Christian religious and cultural beliefs are all European in essence. Most importantly, the people who built and founded this nation were Europeans. 

America was founded as a European nation on the American continent inhabited and built by Europeans. 

The United States is Europe in America, as Haiti is Africa in the Caribbean

When the left uses the term “nation of immigrants,” it is meant to condition you into accepting that you have no culture, no identity, no past, and no future. They are essentially saying that you (and your people) do not exist. It is really a slur and attack term used to delegitimize your identity, and ultimately try to get you to accept your demographic replacement in this country. If this nation is one made up of immigrants, then you are no more American than a Somali who just got off of the airplane 20 minutes ago.

As a result of this attack, the predictable consequences have been the left violently trying to tear down and destroy our European heritage and history. Look at how they have torn down many of the Civil War historical monuments and statues, and how they are loudly proclaiming that our founding fathers, such as George Washington and Thomas Jefferson, are next.

They flagrantly violate our European laws and norms, as leftists do not care to follow them at all, unless they can be used as a weapon against us. When Antifa, BLM, and other leftist groups violently attack innocent people and free speech advocates, causing anarchy, they see it as a way to spit on the White man’s law.

The left has for years attacked, mocked, and ridiculed our Christian cultural and religious beliefs. The result of this has been catastrophic, as seen by the epidemic rise in single motherhood, feminism and careerism (aka “who cares about having children”), drug and alcohol abuse, and a general breaking down of the family (and in turn society as a whole). Promotion of atheism and attacks on Christianity only help the globalist left in further harming our nation and people.

Attacks against our laws, culture, and religious beliefs have finally lead to the final stage.

What started in the 1960’s and is now wide spread among the left is the venomous hatred towards White European people.

Those on the left, worked up into a frenzy by the fake news media and globalist politicians, are now openly calling for a complete destruction of “Whiteness,” and a complete demographic replacement of all White European people across the Globe.

The hatred and pure insanity of some of the things I’ve witnessed on Twitter, Youtube, and Facebook against White people has astonished me.

But it has also energizes me to keep going.

Make no mistake, if we don’t start advocating for ourselves, speaking up and sticking up for ourselves, working in our own interests, looking out for one another, asserting our right to survive in this world, we will be demographically replaced and thus demographically destroyed as a distinct people and culture.

The days of debating “What are White people anyway” and “Is (insert White European country) actually a White European country?” are over.

The Japanese will simply laugh at you if you tried to tell them “Japan isn’t really a Japanese nation” or if you tell them “Japanese people don’t exist.” They know who they are, where they come from, and they know what belongs to them. And what belongs to them, they sure as hell aren’t going to give up willingly.

America is Europe built in America, and no way in hell do we need to argue with people trying to steal what is ours about whether it is or not. You don’t argue with someone who tries to tell you that your house isn’t really yours, or that your house actually belongs to all people. They are coming at you in bad faith and simply are thieves wanting to take what is rightfully yours.

It’s time we started asserting our God given right to what our ancestors built, and what they passed on to us. The last 50 years have been one giant attempt to take and destroy what is ours.

It’s 2018.

The days of us willingly giving up what is ours is over. They are on the wrong side of history, and need to get with the times. From 2018 onward, there is no more ‘debating’ about if this nation is or isn’t ours.

It’s ours.
Not only are we going to stop giving it to you, but we are going to start taking it back.


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