By Order of Europe: Abolish All Differences

Through their quest for total “equality,” the global elite are destroying what makes us human.

By Order of Europe: Abolish All Differences

Translated to English by Autolycus
This article originally appeared on the blog by the Italian anthropologist Ida Magli with further commentary by Theodoros Lascaris.

At the beginning of the 1990s, humanitarian studies disappeared from the horizon of mass information and this was achieved simply and silently, which means not talking about them. Given the huge popularity and enthusiasm they enjoyed after the end of World War II until the 1990s, the fact that such disappearance went unmentioned means that it was largely preplanned. The university posts still exist but their academic objects were of no interest to the information media. Simultaneously, by orders of the EU, ancient, noble and basic sciences like Geography, Ancient Greek and Latin literature and philosophy were reduced to ghosts, fragments of a non-existent knowledge. Even History deprived from all the methodological advices enriched by the modern world, seems to the remnant of times long past gone. This is the reason historical study is now unable to provide citizens with the self-knowledge and understanding which the fruit and achievement of European civilization. Surely, this also was decided and materialized in utter silence.

It seems we live in a society of illiterates, where no one is in the position to pass judgement and express an opinion on such matters. However, why does even the Italian teacher’s union, which numbers one million members, not complain and voice their opinion on such a serious decision? The governing class having forced the citizenry to mandatory state education dictates the kind of education it will receive. Such form of education can be summarized as follows: students must study in a way they learn nothing (or almost). First of all, they must not learn how to think critically. After all, what is the use of “thinking” or “knowledge”? Consequently, they must learn everything without learning about their selves, their lives, their history, their nation, their institutions, and the authority that supports these institutions. It is understood that all these changes were programmed based on the governing ideology of global homogenization, the formation of interchangeable individuals, the “citizens of the world.”

It is obligatory, however, that children should learn the concept of sex as defined by the reigning powers to be. Not the concept that the child sees, feels and touches from birth, male and female, but that of “gender” (a term impossible to translate in other languages due to its vagueness). This is a concept imposed by homosexual men and that states eventually accepted. As a result, an individual can become male, female, or even trans according to his, hers or x’ers wishes and whims. The Council of Europe made this ideological course obligatory. At the polyclinic of the city of Bari, sex change operations are being performed with a cost of 170000 Euros. These sums of money are provided by EU funds, which in turn serve to increase the number of operations.

Of course, the question being posed is why sex changes are becoming more frequent and normalized with taxpayers bearing the cost. An explanation can be given by taking into account the desire of trans people to become integrated into society. Contemporary surgical techniques facilitate to a great extent this goal despite involving complex procedures with often negative physical and psychological consequences. One thing can be deduced with certainty from such behaviors: in the current “Laboratory of Destruction,” the final level of equality will not be only that of ideas, language, religion, fatherland, but also the physical one. The pursuit of uniformity and equality (isomorphism) must be relentless so that the final model will be more “trans.”

What we have in front of us in the modern West is the world of non-Form which demands to become the dominant model over Form. That is the goal of the “Laboratory of Destruction” because nothing is weaker that the non-Form. As it is obvious, the “grey,” to which Europe is being reduced to, will be dominated by the “black.” It involves the preparation of the youth not to belong anywhere, not to identify with anything, not to orientate sexually or even geographically. The last part was stated simply by abolishing the course of “Geography” from school curriculum. After all, what is the use of that since “the planet belongs to all”?

We have written in a previous article of Theodotos the following about the importance of Forms:

The ancient Greek spirit introduced a concept of huge philosophical, metaphysical, and anthropological importance: Form. Material forms, according to Plato, are idols or copies of archetypal forms which exist in the immaterial world of Ideas. For Pythagoreans, the word ‘Cosmos’ meant order and harmony and this is why the Universe is also called that by Ancient Greeks. These properties (order and harmony) can only be expressed through Form. (Let us ponder on the geometry of forms in nature from snowflakes, to the tree leaves and flowers.) Moreover, Form is necessary for another reason: it distinguishes one being from another; it delineates its psychic and mental aspects and at the same time ‘reveals’ them. The last concept is essential prerequisite for Platonic love (Eros)—the act of attraction of one individual from a different one.

This concept is applied in the material and physical realm but extends to spiritual, mental, and psychological as well as linguistic, ethnic and cultural Forms.

We mentioned previously that “…Form is necessary for another reason which is the distinction of one being from another. It delineates psychic and mental existence…” Indeed, what would an egg be without its shell? An amorphous gel with no limits which would easily dissolve into something else. That is why the goal is the fusion and homogenization of form creating shells (peoples, cultures, nations etc.) into a gel held together by a thin membrane.

If Forms are the result of Divine poetry (Creation), their eradication is a gnostic act, a hostile to the Cosmos act. God creates Forms, the Gnostic homogenizes and dissolves. The ruling elite having as a goal the abolishment of differences invented a slogan, “tolerance of diversity.”

The hypocrisy of “human rights” groups is evident lobbying for the legalization of child adoption for same-sex couples. What happened to the human right of the child to grow up in normal family with a father and a mother? This of course is all “fine print.” Feminists have reached the point of advocating for post-birth abortions. Some children escape from the feminist onslaught and are brought into this world to the dismay of the ruling class, especially when they are White. Let us not forget the rebranding efforts by the scientific establishment on infanticide in order to make it more acceptable to the public.

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