Democracy’s Global Decline

Trump’s remark about Xi Jinping’s lifetime appointment foreshadows a dim future for democracy.

Democracy’s Global Decline

by Ash Brighton

During a recent “closed-door” meeting with Republicans, President Trump made the following comment:

“[Xi]’s now president for life, president for life. And he’s great. And look, he was able to do that. I think it’s great. Maybe we’ll have to give that a shot someday.”

Predictably, the ever-aggrieved leftist media erupted. While the President was almost certainly joking with his remarks, the “president for life” comment brings to light the existing and impending failures of democracy worldwide. While there are certainly punchlines like the “Democratic Republic of the Congo” or the “Democratic People’s Republic of North Korea,” the moniker of democracy is used as a fig leaf over the corruption inherent in most “democratic” nations.

Democracy is presented to Westerners as inherently virtuous, the epitome and standard of good governance. America’s leaders—even our President—call the United States a “democracy,” despite it being a republic on paper. “Democracy” is not in the Constitution, Bill of Rights, or Declaration of Independence, but it is what our system has become. Democracy, however, has never sustained itself for long. No society in history has successfully maintained a “One Person/One Vote” system through a period of increasing and sustainable prosperity. The ancient Greeks invented democracy, tried it in various forms, and ended up abandoning it. Plato and Aristotle, among many other Greek thinkers, exposed its flaws in great detail. The founders of the United States similarly disdained it.

Democracy can work in certain small, contained situations where the interests of all participants are aligned, and all are somewhat equally informed and willing to work together to implement the established consensus. Picture a group of doctors handling a difficult, novel medical case, or a group of explorers stranded in the wilderness and deciding a course of action. Does that sound anything like the United States? Or for that matter any Western European nation? In practice, democracy has demonstrated time and time again its inability to scale. As the number of voters, geographic distance, personal interests, and issues of consequence increase, a democratic system becomes less effective at satisfying the needs of its constituents. Know it by its fruits: almost every nation founded by Europeans is filled with leaders who openly express their desire and intention to destroy their native population through open borders.

Even the Visegrad countries have their share (h/t Chateau Heartiste).

While the United States was explicitly founded as a republic, the democracy it has become has bestowed endless rewards upon those who devoted their efforts into subverting the system. The riches and power of its empire serve well those who have captured its elected leaders, world-renowned universities, insurmountable military might, and global media dominance. The classical leftists aren’t wrong when they complain about these facts. The stupidity arises when they finger the culprit as “White Americans,” the very group being dispossessed, silenced, diminished, and demonized. This wholesale looting is in keeping with the nature of the system of pure democracy. One person/one vote has created a litany of perverse incentives which has ultimately led to forcibly stuffing Western nations full of alien peoples, funneling resources to those communities, and weaponizing them to cement the dominance of a hostile elite.

Democracy is imposed upon “liberated” nations for a reason, and the motivations are not benevolent. Democracy and the simple freedoms it engenders cultivate a system that anesthetizes the masses from whom entire nations were stolen, to the point where it becomes easy to suppress the few who recognize the problem with clarity and stand up to name the perpetrators. Witness the events of Unite the Right at Charlottesville, where the attendees did everything according to proper legal procedures and were nevertheless violently and illegally attacked by a rioting mob armed with lethal weapons, betrayed by law enforcement, and ruthlessly slandered and villainized by the globalist establishment. In the United Kingdom and Scandinavia, political parties which pose a legitimate answer to the decline are simply outlawed, with no recourse available.

For decades, there has been no such thing as a legitimate election in the United States. The Hart-Cellar Act of 1965, a federal court system packed with admitted partisan activists, sanctuary cities, and open and unpunished electoral fraud are just a few of the signs of the inevitable rot in the United States’ electoral system. It was always going to end up like this. In every society in which democracy is implemented or emerges, the ability of a working person to determine his own fate, secure the future of his descendants, or maintain the rights promised to him are inexorably diminished by parties working full-time to shape the public consciousness and change the rules to their favor and plunder the wealth available.

Democracy is voting booths inside mosques in the Netherlands. Democracy is a “Constitutional scholar” gloating in the Washington Post that White displacement will result in the elimination of Second Amendment rights. Democracy is a blue finger poking out from a burqa. Democracy is a post-menopausal, childless full-time activist showing a busload of functional illiterates which boxes to check on a ballot. Democracy is the Afghan Parliament. If politics is war by other means, then democracy is a pillow fight to the death. For the White people who built the Western world, we are faced wit two possible futures having infinite separation: everything or nothing. Democracy will fall in all of our nations. Good riddance. What comes after the inevitable failure of democracy will be what propels us down one or the other path.

Ash Brighton

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