Fash the Nation 111: Fact Check the Nation

Fash the Nation 111: Fact Check the Nation

At the beginning of this past week, the topic of gun control was very much alive no thanks in large part to Donald Trump himself, who managed to force continued discussion of the topic long after it should’ve concluded naturally on its own. By the end of the week, the media had pivoted back to the Mueller Probe, placing the highly problematic Jared Kushner directly in its crosshairs. From the ups and downs on immigration to what’s in store for the midterms and 2020, and debunking the chicken little routine from all the usual suspects on tariffs, McFeels and Halberstram also take some time out at the beginning of the episode to reflect on the origins of Fash the Nation and why it is we do what we do. It’s all ahead on Fash the Nation!

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Episode Topics:

00:00:00 – Fact Check the Nation
00:14:00 – FL Narrative Collapse
00:22:00 – Gun Control
01:00:00 – Immigration
01:15:00 – H-1B Red Pills
01:30:00 – Europa Report
01:40:00 – Tariffs
01:57:00 – 2020 Announcement
02:03:00 – More Sloppy Sessions
02:08:00 – Midterms
02:16:00 – Non Citizen Voting
02:23:00 – Kushner
02:43:00 – Word of the Day

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