Fash the Nation 114: Omnibungle

Fash the Nation 114: Omnibungle

With a week that started off dominated by the Cambridge Analytica “scandal” and swift rebukes of Trump’s increasing agitation with the Mueller probe by the globalist establishment, no one could’ve imagined just how off the rails things would go by week’s end. Beginning with the appointment of John Bolton as National Security Advisor and culminating in what can only be described as a complete break from the agenda that propelled him into office in 2016, Trump capitulated to each and every demand made by the den of vipers and neocons currently inhabiting the United States Congress.

With the stroke of a pen, Trump systematically nullified many of his signature campaign promises, disingenuously dressing them up as a “win”, and thereby fracturing his base in a way that makes bombing a runway in Syria seem like all but a distant memory. McFeels is back in the hot seat, joined by Ethnarch, to ply the dark waters amidst the wreckage of the week in the first hour, followed by a deep dive into the Mueller probe in hour 2 (and 3). It’s all ahead on Fash the Nation!

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Episode Topics:

00:00:00 – Intro
00:03:00 – Omnibungle
00:30:00 – Bolton
00:37:00 – Half Term President?
00:53:00 – Chinese Steel Trap
01:05:00 – Trust Busting
01:22:00 – Europa Report
01:29:00 – Mueller Probe Deep Dive
02:59:00 – Outro

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