In Defense of Russia

Russia stands for stability, tradition, and a future for White people in a world where the West seeks to destroy all of these things.

In Defense of Russia

Recent events have brought the Russian Federation into yet another round of criticism. This seems to be fairly routine at this point because we have entered into a new Cold War. It appears that the Russian government killed one of its former agents who was living in London because he became a double agent and started working for the British. I am meant to be outraged by this, but to quote a famous movie about the South, “Frankly my dear, I don’t give a damn.” This moment feels like an appropriate one to give a proper defense of the Russian government and it’s actions on the international stage.

At the moment, it is the Russian government that is the defender of all things good and healthy and the American government that is the defender of all things evil and degenerate. I want to love my country, I really do, but the modern American government makes it hard for me to do so. We are fighting a war in Afghanistan to spread feminism to tribal groups. We are fighting a war in Syria to make sure that terrorists like Al-Nusra and anti-Assad rebels have a fighting chance of unseating one of the few remaining secular regimes in the regions. We fought a war in Libya to make sure that the terrorists had a fighting chance to win there and to open Europe up to a migrant invasion. Most of our current policies surrounding the Middle East were created for the sole purpose of protecting the state of Israel. How do I defend a government that behaves in that manner? But this is what America is. We go abroad, always looking to make the world a “better place” and always making it a worse place for both the people we are aiming to help and for White Americans.

The Russian government, on the other hand, has acted decisively to help the Assad government in destroying its terrorist enemies. The Russian government is supporting the Iranians, one of the few remaining stable governments in the Middle East. Iran’s main gripes with America are its support for the state of Israel and the fact that America spreads its decadent and degenerate culture into the Middle East. If those are their main reasons for hating America then I can’t really be mad at them for hating America. Either way, it is clear that the Iranian/Syrian style of government is far better for the interests of Europe and the people of Europe. When Syria was not under assault by foreign interests (the United States), it was a stable society that people didn’t flee from. Put simply, the Russians have been a force of stability and secularism in the Middle East, while the United States has been a force of instability and radical Islam. The United States government, by it’s actions in the Middle East, has done more to spread radical Islam than Al-Qaeda could have dreamed of doing. By toppling basically every secular government in the region, the US has opened the door to radicalism and terror. In the Middle East, the choice between Russia and the United States is an easy choice.

Richard Spencer had a very interesting analysis of all of this, where he said that this current Cold War between the United States and Russia is more of a real Cold War than the actual Cold War was. What did he mean by this? Well, while there were some ideological differences between the West and the Soviet Union, they were basically two sides of the same coin. Both believed in internationalism, race mixing, diversity, gender equality, etc. But he is saying that the modern Cold War is based on a more real ideological divide because the West now believes in fully mixing out the White race, destroying traditional religion, destroying all regional or national differences, and instituting a fully globalized, degenerate world order, and the Russians don’t want any of that. The Russians want nationalism, a sense of Russian racial separateness, traditional Russian orthodox religion, and they want to keep natural hierarchy. In Russia the government pays you to have more White children. In the United States, the government pays for your birth control so that you have no children at all. The United States is a sterile society, quite literally, while Russia is a virile society.

I think that Spencer’s analysis gets at something very real. Russia represents a threat to the West on a psychic level. Russia is a constant reminder to the West that the world doesn’t have to be as globalized and mixed as they want it to be. As long as Russia stands out in this way, it means that some might join it. Even though people may not necessarily want to live in Russia, they can look to it as a source of hope and optimism. The project of the modern West is to crush any hope or optimism that White people might have for a future.

Eric King

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