Le Pen Faces Terrorism Charges

For trying to bring attention to France’s Muslim problem, Marine Le Pen now faces up to 3 years in prison.

Le Pen Faces Terrorism Charges

by Tom Shackleford

There has been a lot of news recently about alt-lite journalists being detained and expelled from Britain. Simultaneously, we’ve been watching the mainstream media try to contain yet another appalling story of Muslim-perpetrated mass rape on that same island. It’s certainly an instructive juxtaposition for the uninitiated. However, the rape has been going on for decades (Rotherham & Telford are probably just a fraction of a nationwide epidemic), and common sense advocates have been banned from Britain for years.

However, the most interesting harbinger of Europe’s political battles to come is the legal persecution of French National Front leader Marine Le Pen, who finished second in the 2017 presidential election. Having recently been charged with propagating “violent messages that incite terrorism,” she now faces up to 3 years in prison, though because of her status, it’s possible she may only face a stiff fine fine if convicted, in order to avoid public unrest.

In the case of Ms. Le Pen, a journalist equated the French Right with Isis after the Bataclan Massacre back in 2015. Conflating horrific atrocities with the desire to keep Muslims who commit such atrocities out of your country is an utterly facile piece of sophistry. To illustrate, Le Pen responded by tweeting actual photos of ISIS barbarity in the Middle East. Thus, in 2018, the French government is prosecuting her using anti-terrorist legislation.

This legal action is meant to set a strong precedent for a legal sweep against those who still have the courage to speak out with candor. If a leading opposition candidate can be sent to prison for advocating survival, the average Frenchman should be left with a compelling incentive for self-censorship. Indeed, this is clearly French President Emmanuel Macron’s intent. He’s announced a legislative push for tighter control of social media platforms in order to counter “fake news” and “Russian disinformation.” Parliament’s decision to strip Le Pen of parliamentary immunity over the case last November indicates that this crackdown will be implemented.

Macron obviously hopes that if the French right is silenced, he’ll have smooth sailing into the 2022 elections. This won’t happen because he’ll have to confront the fact that the situation in France will be much worse in 2022, no matter what repression he enacts against common sense. The bad is baked into the cake, and more toxic icing gets slathered on it every day.

Here’s a brief synopsis of France’s major problems: it’s deeply in debt and about to undergo a native population contraction comparable to the Black Death. The economy is weak and the nation simply cannot pay for the retirements of the postwar Baby Boom generation. It’s losing the ability to effectively provide many of the social benefits, such as education and healthcare, to which the native French population has grown accustomed.

Oh, and then there’s the Afro/Islamic horde. It’s not going to shrink, only metastasize further. Demographic, economic, and political factors guarantee that the invasion won’t abate either. Already, 2018 projections indicate that at least a million will attempt to enter the EU once the weather warms up. France has already imported enough for catastrophe. As long as the spigot is on, there’s so much population growth on the Dark Continent that the flow that it will never stop until European civilization plunges into a horrific death spiral. All of this is obvious to anyone with an ounce of common sense, including Macron.

Macron realizes that he cannot fulfill the hollow promises made in order to win the presidency. It doesn’t matter how much the government stifles dissent or touts how much better the influx is being managed. So, if reality cannot be altered, those in power have no other option but to simply lock up anybody who points it out. That’s not exactly a sustainable plan for the future, yet it’s all they can do at this point.

As the situation inevitably continues to deteriorate, France can expect increasing censorship and repression. Paris already has thousands of soldiers patrolling its once pleasant streets. The army doesn’t have anywhere near enough manpower to scale this up to the entire country, so how long can a semblance of normality be kept? Moreover, how long can the MSM gaslight the average Frenchman into disbelieving his lived reality? How will the nation’s political establishment reconcile the fact that they cannot simultaneously destroy a country and maintain control over it? Unfortunately, time will deliver unpleasant answers to such questions.

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