Liberal Fears and Totalitarianism

The left knows a backlash is coming.

Liberal Fears and Totalitarianism

by Eric King

On a recent episode of the Daily Shoah titled “Hysterical Obedience,” they discuss a story from Vox of a High School teacher who regularly teaches a lesson on totalitarianism and George Orwell’s 1984 to her senior class. The lesson is more of an experiment, where the teacher turns her classroom into a totalitarian space and she informs her class that they need to fight “Senioritis.” Using this pretext, she commands her class like a dictator. The main thrust of the article is that this year, when she ran the experiment, the students fought back against her. The interesting thing about this is that left-wing teachers have been running these types of experiments for decades. I remember learning about them in my “Tolerance and Holocaust education” class in High School, which is a real class by the way. The anti-totalitarianism story is a central element of the identity of the left and its fear of totalitarianism has been a major driver of why the left has felt the need to psychologically abuse decade after decade of White children with the Holocaust story and the paranoia that they too might become an evil Nazi one day.

The left has always had a fear of right-wing totalitarianism or “fascism” but the Trump administration set off a new wave of books, articles, and podcasts on the topic of totalitarianism. This material does sometimes mention the left-wing totalitarianism of, say, the Soviet regime or Communist East Germany, but it is clear that the main focus is on the right-wing totalitarianism of Hitler and Mussolini.

I am talking about books like Timothy Synder’s On Tyranny, How Democracies Die by Harvard professors Steven Levtisky and Daniel Ziblatt, Trumpocracy by David Frum, Can It Happen Here? by Cass Sunstein, and The Future Is History by Masha Gessen. These books tell us a number of things. Most of these authors are members of the current academic and political establishment and they are incredibly worried about the established order falling apart. All of these writers are Jewish which means that we might be looking at specifically Jewish liberal fears as opposed to White liberal fears. The sheer volume of books that are being published now about this topic also tell us that the J-Left establishment views the situation with totalitarianism to be an urgent matter.

The fundamental mistake of all of these authors, judging from reading their works and watching their interviews, is that they assume that totalitarianism is a response to economic or political stresses. Some might dabble in the whole “Authoritarian personality” theory created by the entirely Jewish Frankfurt School, but they miss the core causes of totalitarianism. The core causes of totalitarianism, whether you look at the Nazis or Al-Queda, are a decline in social trust, rapid social change and cultural “modernization,” and a sense of nihilism that pervades the society because of its moral decline and the desire of its intellectual elites to deconstruct the social norms of the past. At a fundamental level, this is the reason why the left is so afraid of right-wing totalitarianism emerging in this moment. They understand that American social and moral values have completely disappeared and that there is no common ground any more. They understand that the common political and rhetorical space that all Americans once spoke and thought on is now gone and everything is up for grabs. And that in times like these, right-wing totalitarianism can take root.

The podcasts that I have seen go in the direction of fear about totalitarianism are The Ezra Klein Show, The Good Fight with Yascha Monk, and the NPR podcast Freak Out and Carry On. In listening to these podcasts and reading the books that I listed, you begin to get a picture that there is a great amount of interest surrounding ideas of totalitarianism, what causes it, and what living in that kind of society is like. Some shows, like The Good Fight are solely about Jewish and liberal fears surrounding totalitarianism. What I have learned from these shows is that these Jewish intellectuals view totalitarianism as being a lot closer at hand than the average American does. The average American takes for granted that there will be another presidential election in four years and the next four years after that, whereas these Jewish intellectuals see that there might be something more revolutionary brewing within the West. They have this fear because they see the values and norms of our society begin to fall apart and people are expressing and thinking ideas that they would not have expressed or thought in the recent past. Most of them have also come to the realization of just how fragile the “Western Democratic order” is. I put that in quotes because the Western Democratic order is a lot like the Holy Roman Empire. The old joke about the Holy Roman Empire is that it was not Holy, not Roman, and not an Empire. Well, the Western Democratic order is not run by Westerners, it is not Democratic, and it is not orderly. The fact that millions of other Whites have the same thoughts as me about this subject is truly terrifying to the Jewish Cosmopolitan intellectuals behind these podcasts.

Fear is a driving motivation behind modern politics. That is because politics, in large part, is about who gets what. In a world of multiculturalism and diversity, someone else’s gain almost always means your loss. Modern politics in the West is war with words and voters. The left is not opposed to my ideas. The left hates me because I am White and do not want my family to be hated minorities who will be open to abuse and violence. The left makes these views explicit, and you have to wonder what they will do if they gain complete power. In the same way, the far right truly taking power would mean the absolute end of all of the privileges that those on the left have built up for themselves.

The past few years of politics have revealed the hidden war going on between various tribes. This political war between races, religions, and various political factions is always raging, but since the 1950’s we were able to convince ourselves that this war was closer to a gentleman’s duel than a street fight. The gentlemen are dead and the street fighters are all who remain. Gentlemen have honorable and good-hearted campaigns against their opponents—street fighters want to annihilate their opponents. The United States is in a state of Total Political War, and our next stop as a country, if history is any guide, is increasing political violence in the streets. In other words, if you aren’t afraid, you aren’t paying attention.

Eric King

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