The NRA is Ours Now

The left wants to make gun owners pariahs, so we should make them brothers.

The NRA is Ours Now


by Eric King

I remember not fully understanding when, a while back, Andrew Anglin began pivoting towards American nationalism in his rhetoric. His justification at the time, and I assume that it hasn’t changed, was that the Jews in the media and academia were giving American nationalism to the Alt Right. What he was referring to was the fact that, during the NFL kneeling scandal, the media was very busy calling the national anthem, the American flag, and America itself examples of and symbols of racism. In other words, the media was doing our work for us. They were making it explicit that anyone who was a patriotic American was now going to be labeled a White nationalist. Thus, instead of appealing to some long-dead ideology of Nazism, the Stormer decided to appeal to the very real and living ideologies of American patriotism and nationalism. And besides, Anglin could do so without being a hypocrite. America was, after all, founded as a White nation for White people. The media, in other words, were right. To be an American nationalist meant being a White nationalist. What I didn’t fully understand was the extent to which the media were just handing us all of the symbols of traditional America. It took till these past weeks for that to become clear to me.

The denormalization of guns and the NRA that has taken place over the past weeks since the Parkland shooting has been incredible. I don’t know about you, but it feels like we are in a very different cultural space now when it comes to the issue of guns.  Guns, before the Parkland shooting, seemed to be an entirely normal symbol of American patriotism and conservatism, but now their position is uncertain.  At least a dozen companies broke their ties with the NRA, and NRA membership has started to feel different. Owning a gun or being a member of the NRA now feels closer to something like a political statement.  The gun, a classic symbol of America and American patriotism, has just been handed to the Alt Right because the left wants to make guns and gun ownership into a taboo thing.  They want to take guns out of the mainstream, out of what is seen as normal. Why else do you think that the media is pushing all of the stories where ordinary citizens are turning in their AR-15s?  They push those stories to make owning guns seem like a crime in and of itself.  The fact that the left is trying to denormalize guns means that they are opening the door  for us take it up and make clear to White America that gun ownership is normal and that we are the only people fighting for it.  We have now been provided the opportunity to racialize every aspect of America that White Americans love. We can now take the implicit White identity of guns, the Constitution, the American flag, and so on, and make it an explicit White identity.

The gun control issue is, fundamentally, about taking guns away from White people. White people are the only people who will ever follow any of these gun regulations, and it is White people owning guns that the Left sees as the real problem. How do we know this? Because the issue of gun control is never brought up by the left when the newest statistics about gun deaths in New York or Chicago come out or when a young Black kid is shot in public housing, which is a constant story on my local news. No, gun control is only wheeled out as an issue when a White kid loses it and guns down a school or a movie theater or some other public space. And when you get leftists alone in a room where they feel comfortable, they will tell you that gun control is about taking guns away from White people. I remember when I was at college and I went to a meeting about the shooting of three Muslim students that happened at Chapel Hill several years ago. One of the left-wing students, a White presenting male, said that this country was never going to be able to get over it’s racism and non-Whites would never be safe until White men had their guns taken away from them. He actually said this—I suppose he didn’t know that a little Whittaker Chambers was sitting in on the meeting. When the left thinks about the guns that they will be controlling or confiscating, their mind goes to the Southern redneck and not the urban thug. The central joy that the left gets from gun control is from the thought that they will be depriving White men of the ability to protect ourselves and our families.

You now hear chants of “USA, USA, USA” at Alt Right gatherings like TRSlemania. This is a tectonic shift because it now feels right. It doesn’t feel like they are LARPing when they start chanting “USA, USA, USA” after someone talks about how America is a White country. Mike Enoch said something, at TaRmwreStlemania, like “How many European ethnic groups are represented in this room? But what are we really, we are white Americans” and the entire crowd responded by chanting “USA, USA, USA” and that felt entirely genuine. The truth is, the American patriots of the future are not going to be the Boomer-style ‘merica people or the militia types. The American patriots of the future are going to be White nationalists. Why? Because Anglin was right: Jews in the media and academia have pushed their anti-White narrative to the point where if you love your country, if you love guns, if you love the founding fathers and American history then you are, de facto, a racist and a White nationalist.

The left has made the NRA a social pariah, and by making it a pariah, they have made it necessarily open to Alt Right infiltration. In the coming years, the left is going to press even harder on the NRA and on the gun control issue, and they will start to panic. In their panic they will be desperate for allies and we should be one of them. In fact, Alt Right people should start working for the NRA immediately because it is an important and powerful organization that is not run by Jews, and any organization that is not run by Jews, should be run by us.  In this hour of need, the NRA needs to find out that we, the Alt Right and American nationalists, are its back stop.  That we are it’s iron clad supporters who will defend it in the fights to come. I will be joining the NRA, and I encourage you to do the same.

Eric King

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