59 US Senators Condemn Polish Holocaust Reparations Bill for Not Doing Enough

Instead of focusing on the many problems in America, the US Senate took the time to advocate for the international Jewish community.

59 US Senators Condemn Polish Holocaust Reparations Bill for Not Doing Enough

Last week 59 US senators signed a letter condemning the Polish Prime Minister for considering legislation which would limit Holocaust reparations, paid out by the Polish government, to Polish citizens only. The Polish government is attempting to provide restitution for land and property sized by the German government during WWII. The law in its current form would limit recipients of these reparations claims to Polish citizens who are spouses, children or grandchildren of the original property holder.

A bipartisan majority of US senators have called upon the Polish Prime Minister to revise the legislation to be more inclusive of distant family members as well as those without Polish citizenship.

The letter to Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki, written by senators Tammy Baldwin (D) from Wisconsin and Marco Rubio (R) from Florida stated, “This draft legislation would adversely affect Holocaust victims and their heirs and is therefore of urgent importance to many of our constituents, millions of Americans, and Holocaust survivors around the world.”

The Republican majority can’t seem to find the time or will to fund the wall or produce any other meaningful Trumpist legislature, but they feel the need to comment on Polish legislation that hasn’t even been signed yet.

The lengths to which the US will go to defend Jewish interests in the United States are astounding. The letter says it right there—this draft will adversely affect “many of our constituents,” but Jews are only around two percent of the US population, and how many of those could possibly be descendants of Holocaust survivors? It would seem to be far short of “millions of Americans.” The fact is, the United States is beholden to “Holocaust survivors around the world” before Americans.

It’s actions like this letter that show the awesome power that the Jewish Holocaust narrative has over the western world. This is not the first example of European governments signaling how pro-Semitic they are and it will most likely not be the last. Not only is acting in the interest of your own population strictly forbidden in White countries, Poland can’t even favor Polish Holocaust survivors over others without an international outcry.

Anthony Romano

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