Caravan of Central American Invaders Heads for US Border

We don’t have a wall, but does America at least have a border? We’re about to find out.

Caravan of Central American Invaders Heads for US Border

Currently, a caravan of over 1,300 migrants is marching uninhibited through Mexico, headed for the US border. The group consists mostly of Central Americans, but reports suggest they are picking up more people as they travel north. They began on March 25 and hope to reach the United States in the coming weeks. The caravan is organized by a group called Pueblo Sin Fronteras (People Without Borders) which plans to escort the large group into the United States.

Pueblo Sin Fronteras is a Marxist open borders activist group which seeks to “abolish borders” and states the members of the caravan “are as much citizens” of the US as actual Americans. The organization has sought to bolster its efforts through a social media campaign on Twitter and Facebook, where it released the following statement about its mission:


This is not just a typical migrant surge. These are activist migrants. They are crossing the US border as a political demonstration, and they think America is so weak that they can trample on our laws and sovereignty and we won’t do anything about it. They think they can come in large numbers and intimidate us into submission like the migrant waves in Europe.

Will Trump allow them? Already he has allowed Congress to ram through an omnibus bill which includes essentially no wall funding. We don’t have a wall, but do we at least have a border?

Trump already picked up on the story on Twitter Sunday:

But he’s talked big in the past without following through, so we’ve got to keep the pressure on him. The White House phone lines will be open beginning Monday this week. Make sure you call and let them know that Trump needs to stop the caravan.

Say that you voted for Trump because you wanted a border and a stop to illegal immigration. If he doesn’t stop this caravan, then thousands more people will come. Say that Trump can’t afford to fail this test if he wants your vote. As always, remember to be polite and calm.

Stopping the caravan is Trump’s litmus test.

Jay Lorenz

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