Chaos and Caravans

The globalist elite have opened the floodgates in Europe and America. Unfortunately for them, mass invasions are hard not to notice.

Chaos and Caravans

The caravan of Central American invaders that was headed for the US border last week has reportedly disbanded. A campaign of popular opinion against the caravan (started in no small part by the alt-right) caused enough people to notice the blatant invasion that President Trump was forced to act, activating the National Guard to go down to the border.

However, this hasn’t stopped the invasion of America—far from it. The members of the caravan, and many others, are still headed for the border. Under scrutiny, the caravan has splintered into many smaller groups in order to make the crossing more feasible. The open communist and anti-American rhetoric backfired, causing a popular backlash as patriotic Americans took a firm stance against it, inundating the White House with calls to stop the invasion, and forcing the President to react.

In addition, the caravan is just an obvious example of a much deeper problem. People are constantly streaming across our border, legally and illegally. The refuse of the world comes to America to take advantage of the benefits and institutions meant for us. They are gleefully assisted by so-called humanitarian groups which seek to undermine American sovereignty. Even our own government is all too happy to assist them for the most part.

While a positive step, stopping the caravan should not be seen as an end goal. The caravan should be used to focus on the real problem. People are willing to stand up to a horde of explicit invaders, but this country has been undergoing a steady invasion for decades. Since the 1970s America has gone from roughly an 85% White majority to 60%. Projections show that Whites will no longer be a majority by 2040.

Hundreds of caravans worth of people come into the United States every year to stay—a disproportionate amount to live off of (mostly White) taxpayers. This is the true invasion of America—the true caravan. Like the Pueblos Sin Fronteras caravan, this invasion must be called out and driven back.

Trump’s order to send the National Guard to the border is a good start. There is no reason they shouldn’t be kept there indefinitely to repel any and all who attempt to cross. This is a concrete example of how a propaganda victory can lead to a policy victory. The more caravans and other outright invasions of the US (and the more attention that is drawn to them), the more public sentiment will turn against all immigration.

A look at Europe bears this out. After most European countries had settled on a somewhat gradual multicultural immigration policy, Merkel and company threw the doors open to the entire Third World. The problems of multiculturalism had been nagging at Europe for years, but the lack of an outright migrant invasion allowed most people to slowly become accustomed to their deteriorating countries. When the floodgates opened in 2015, the millions that poured in overwhelmed their host countries with demands for housing, welfare, women, and all of the trappings of the upper class European lifestyle. Small towns were inundated with entitled foreigners who, in some cases, became the majority practically overnight.

Quickly, right-wing, anti-immigrant parties rose across the continent to combat the liberal multicultural consensus. Popular unrest with immigration has grown to the point where nearly every Western European country has a right-wing party as one of the main opposition parties. In Eastern Europe, anti-invasion parties dominate, refusing to fall victim to the onslaught that is overwhelming their neighbors. Trump’s election is a part of this wider backlash against population replacement in the White world, a backlash not seen until the numbers grew extreme and images of masses of invading foreigners were etched into the public consciousness.

Fearing a backlash from the citizenry, the immigration strategy for decades has been to keep it at a trickle, not an avalanche. The establishment realized that they had to slowly undermine and subvert the nation in order to truly destroy it. Too much at once, and Americans would wake up and stand up for their country.

Now they seem to have forgotten the plan, or perhaps more likely, the situation has spiraled out of their control. The floodgates are open and anti-White hatred is rampant. There is no more denying that this is an outright invasion. A slow subversion could have permanently conquered nearly every White country in the world within a century. Instead, chaos and caravans have been released upon us and we have begun to awaken.

Jay Lorenz

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