How to Make America White Again

There are many policies which could be enacted to restore the historical demographics of America.

How to Make America White Again

by Fash Boy

As Alt-Right personalities and viewpoints have reached a larger audience over the past few months, the single largest criticism I’ve seen is that we have no practical solution to our problems. They listen to us talk about an “ethno-state” and making White countries White again and think the only way we’ll ever achieve these goals is through genocide and mass violence. However, anyone familiar with our politics knows there’s a number of ways we can achieve what we want without resorting to the chaotic violence they imagine.

The following are non-violent White nationalist policy prescriptions that could be implemented by the U.S. government.


Without fixing immigration nothing else matters. If we can’t stop the invasion at the gates then nothing we do within our walls will prevent the foreign hordes from taking over our homes.

The first and easiest part of this equation is to deport ALL illegal aliens. With estimates ranging from 11 million to over 30 million, they make up a significant percentage of the non-White population in America today. Couple this with ending birthright citizenship, which also means no more anchor babies. Adding mandatory electronic verification for employers will aid in this task by taking away the monetary incentive for them to come here in the first place, which will leave to self-deportation.

Step two is fixing immigration policy. The majority of Americans want a complete shutdown of any and all immigration into this country, and we should embrace this position. After the rise in immigration in the early 1900s we had a “great pause” to allow those that came time to assimilate, so we have historical precedent for this as well. We hold this pause on immigration until we manage to change immigration policy to only allow those of European descent to immigrate to the country.

Thirdly, we can adopt a “love it or leave it” policy. This would entail ending dual citizenship; you’re either an American or you’re not, there is no middle ground. In addition, people could leave through a program that pays anyone to leave the country and renounce their citizenship—half when they sign up and half when they arrive in whatever country they left for. This would also bar then from reentering the country. This is open to anyone and everyone. I don’t want someone who values their citizenship so little as to throw it away for any amount of money in my country and you shouldn’t either.


Welfare is a massive drain on White Americans because we pay the most in taxes and benefit comparatively little. With policies such as affirmative action and low income housing in place displacing Whites, it’s a matter of time before this burden becomes too much to bear and breaks the back of White America.

Lowering the cost of welfare begins with adding a work requirement and drug screening. By adding a work requirement it forces receivers to be productive in some capacity instead of just sitting at home in front of the television being a drain on society. Drug screening would lead to a lot of people just not showing up at all. The states which have enacted such policies have seen a drop off in welfare recipients because they know they’ll fail a drug test.

Affirmative action and diversity quotas are inherently biased against Whites because they unfairly promote non-Whites over Whites. As countless studies have shown, Whites outperform non-Whites, with the exception of Asians, in nearly every field. By ending affirmative action it gives Whites the chance to freely advance without being held back due to diversity quotas.

Low income housing is also a form of affirmative action and adding diversity quotas to communities. When majority White towns want to expand, they legally have to add low income housing as well to give an “equal opportunity” to give the “disadvantaged” a fair chance. Disadvantaged is just code for non-White, and these policies are just another way of displacing Whites.

When you combine these two sets of policies, it puts pressure on non-Whites and provides economic incentive for them to leave. These policies will secure a White majority in America. If Congress enacted these laws tomorrow, by 2050, instead of being a minority, as is predicted, we would be a super majority again.

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