North Carolina Sheriff Candidate Wants to Pry Guns From Constituents’ “Cold, Dead Hands”

People like Daryl Fisher are running for office across America as anti-Second Amendment fervor grows.

North Carolina Sheriff Candidate Wants to Pry Guns From Constituents’ “Cold, Dead Hands”

The gun debate in America is taking strange turns. A significant minority are in favor of out-right repeals of the Second Amendment, something very fringe only a handful of years ago.

Enter the newest character to the gun control debate: sheriff candidate Daryl Fisher of Buncombe Couty, North Carolina. At a Mom’s Demand Action event he rattled off a series of common gun control talking points like magazine restrictions and higher age restrictions, but the most interesting component was at the end where he made a jab at a common rallying slogan of gun owners. “People say you’ll have to pry my guns out of my cold, dead hands…OK” spouted Fisher to laughter and applause.

Your rights as an American are a joke to Daryl Fisher.

This small sheriff election is indicative of the current state of politics. Unfortunately no polling data on this election is available as it is just a county election so a lot of campaigns divert funds to just raw campaigning instead of polling data. Mr. Fisher is also one of seven candidates in the race for sheriff and this media attention will most likely reflect on him poorly and hurt his chances. Fisher may not win, but there are other people running for office throughout the country that hold these beliefs too—they may just not be making extreme statements like Fisher. Fortunately there is a candidate, Shad Higgins, who is very much in favor of the rights of the citizens of Buncombe County and whose Facebook page has a much higher popularity than Fisher’s.

Fisher’s positions are not just anti-gun but anti-civilization. He has expressed his intention to reduce broken-window style crime enforcement to encourage people to trust the police more. This often just leads to a dirtier, uglier city filled with loiterers and vagrants. This is a pro-diversity and anti-White stance to adopt as it makes a clear signal to people that the sheriff is complacent with these crimes and that people who don’t like random car break-ins are not a primary focus. And we know which racial demographics are likely to be on the giving and receiving ends of these crimes.

No, this will work this time for sure guys.

The reason he most likely said these comments is because he felt safe to do so. He was in a Mom’s Demand Action sponsored event and his county is mostly Democratic. Why not play to his base? A fortunate factor is that the district the county is situated in (NC-11) is Republican which can prevent such ridiculous characters from gaining too much regional political capital.

The important take away from this is that little seeds like this can flourish. There are undoubtedly candidates like Fisher running for office for various positions all over the country. Every time one of them wins, their anti-American movement gets a little stronger and they gain in confidence and momentum. That is why Fisher and his ilk must be kept as far away from public office as possible.

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