Democrat Leadership Wants Slavery Reparations by 2022

A Democratic Party conference gives us a peek inside the delusional and incompetent party.

Democrat Leadership Wants Slavery Reparations by 2022

Often we avoid precise descriptions of our enemies’ mechanisms of control and plotting. This is generally a useful propaganda tactic. When appealing to the broad mass of Whites, it is much better to abstract the issues facing the West to a directly identifiable and universally reviled people. For the Alt-Right it’s “Z.O.G.,” for the Alt-Lite it’s “Soros.” These terms are sort of catch-all terms that are used when one doesn’t have all the necessary information about a specific branch of the ultra-complex superstructure that is Global Homo Gayplex.

Occasionally, however, the plotting, scheming internationalist banking cartel lets their guard down through either poor opsec or intentional leaking and lets us see their internal communiques and shadow leadership structure. Very rarely, they drop the ball to the point where we get a taste of their future plans.

A few days ago we caught one of these rare glimpses into the globalists’ proverbial cigar-shrouded backrooms when one of the banker’s feral pets accidentally advertised the subjects she would be discussing at a meeting for the secretive Democracy Alliance w
ith a poster.

Reported first by the Washington Free Beacon, and then more widely in conservative media, the promotional poster for this event was a bizarre premature celebration of victory for them in 2022. Included in this victory is the promise that in 2022 they will begin the push for reparations for slavery.

It also read:

“Because we’re governing with gusto, we’re seeing victories up and down the ballot—including winning a governorship in Texas and putting 38 electoral votes in grasp by 2024,” it says. “Stop in 2020 and 2019 when local power builders turned Arizona and Florida solidly blue and established Virginia as a progressive governance juggernaut.”

Naturally, the average MAGApede American or conservative White reporter was instantly upset by this. The entire event, the shadowy back room meeting of powerful liberal donors, the frugalists’ pet prematurely celebrating reparations, the brazen celebration of their Indio Orcs taking Texas, was so disgusting that these MAGApede/ conservative/ Alt-Lite outlets didn’t really feel the need to comment on it, they just put the information out there for everyone to see.

The only real editorializing was done by the always fantastic Daily Caller, a media outlet founded by our uncuckable TV Golden Child Tucker Carlson. They instantly associated this event with Soros. In fact, his scheming face hovers above the headline. Great optics.

Anyway, I think it’s important for us to understand what’s happening here.

There were several lessons that the Democrats could have taken home after their spectacular defeat in 2016. The conclusions that should have been picked up at the conclusion of their 18 month premature Hillary Clinton victory party/diversity training seminar were “stop pushing diversity and tranny politics so hard” and “don’t celebrate the demographics that ensure your future oligarchy just yet.” It is clear that neither of these lessons have been taken home by our friends leading the Democratic Party.

I want you to take a pause for a moment and imagine the stunning scale of self-satisfied delusion and incompetence at the highest levels of Democratic party leadership. They think that as history marches along their vision of tranny-inclusive Castizo Futurism will inevitably and undoubtedly come to be. The progressive understanding of history is an overly simplistic linear march of progress from the discovery of agriculture to post-industrial Weimerica, with the spread of GRIDs always accelerating, badthink reactionary impulses always declining. Simply put: they have swallowed their weird, theological malarkey to the point where it’s completely hampering their effectiveness.

Their leadership is filled with high time preference, low agency brown people, who everyone knows are low quality and ineffective running a car wash, let alone a multi-billion dollar political apparatus. They believe they will win but their plan to implement their jumbled vision of a complex social democracy somehow maintained by Third World demographics is simply to declare victory and wait the rise of the nationalist right out.

This won’t work. Throughout history, there has never been a situation where we didn’t win. The White Supremacy of Natural Law is very quickly course correcting this historical aberration and their dumb ideology is preventing them from understanding why or how this is happening.

Meanwhile, the Blacks and Mestizos they are counting on to ensure this victory are all too stupid to really get motivated by their dumb, confusing, pseudo-theological, Neoliberalist politics.

We must not be overconfident, but understand we just looked inside the most powerful group of Democrats’ minds, and they are not only incompetent, but incapable of responding to the core threat to their survival: us.

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