Ezra Klein and the Neoliberalist Media are out of Arguments

The race realism debate between Ezra Klein and Sam Harris exposed fault lines within the media establishment.

Ezra Klein and the Neoliberalist Media are out of Arguments

One of the most useful data sets for the alt right is the persistent, immovable gaps in racial IQ discussed in Charles Murray’s The Bell Curve. It seems the midwits that compose the editorial staffs of Neoliberalist Media try a new strategy to suppress these hatefacts every 5 years or so, usually in the context of debating each other in smug blogposts and magazine editorials. This spring saw this artificial “debate” once again when Sam Harris hosted Ezra Klein on his podcast and Ezra Klein promptly uptalked about statistics being racist for two hours.

A Neoliberalist mirrors the self-defined “Liberalist” coalition of YouTube skeptics and libertarians in that a Neoliberalist believes themselves to be an objective, rational thinker driven only by cold, hard facts and measured analysis.

A Neoliberalist believes that they climbed the summit of all relevant facts and data about policy. They began their ascent at a private liberal arts school where they received a B.A. in Political Science or Journalism, continuing the thankless task of enlightenment by studying titans of academia like Malcolm Gladwell and Tim Wise, absorbing later dozens of ideologically slanted sociological and economic studies to supplement their columns, and finally arriving at the Woke Big Brain Everest of “The Right Opinions.” With all the self-awareness of a bug, the Neoliberalist believes that all of his milquetoast, center-left opinions were arrived at through objective analysis and thus the Neoliberal consensus of the editorial staffs of NYT, WaPo, Slate, Vox etc., is immovable fact unmoored from ideological motivation or historical tides.

The Neoliberalist consensus is so broad across so many complex topics that it would be impossible to define. Generally speaking, this Neoliberalist Class marinates in a feedback loop confirming their own biases. The boundaries of acceptable discourse and acceptable thought are clear, and because of this you will find smart people believing wholeheartedly in dumb ideas that they never have been forced to seriously examine.

At the end of the aughts, Ezra Klein was promptly coronated the new Boy King of the Neoliberalist project by the Washington Post. The coronation began when Steve Pearlstein, a business editor at the Post, found Ezra Klein’s blog, where Klein wrote cogently in consistently clean copy about a breadth of political topics from a center-left perspective. Pearlstein saw this and decided that Ezra Klein was a new type of journalist, a blogger who was obsessed with numbers and The Facts™ who would cut through the “Media Establishment” to provide a hip, new fresh take on politics and economics. Of course, Klein’s opinions were the definition of “Media Establishment,” and it was for this reason that Jews at WaPo conspired, in the open, to elevate a 22-year-old kid to the ‘arbiter of The Facts™’ at the Washington Post.

Since that point in 2007, around when Barack Obama was declared the Magic Negro of 21st Century Neoliberalism, Ezra Klein has been the Magic Jew. Both came onto the scene with little practical experience, both made up for a dearth of interesting or challenging ideas with eloquence and both have maintained their sanctified status despite any tangible evidence of their espoused skill sets.

Since leaving WaPo to start Vox Media in 2014, Klein has done everything he can to evangelize Neoliberalism and position himself as it’s most important preacher. Vox is insidiously presented as a source of what one ought to think. Its headlines are simple proclamation, its articles are usually a thousand words drumming the Right Thoughts home by bolding the text of its most important sentences and then interceding with simple bar graphs illustrating The Facts™. There is no more convincing propaganda for the bug people than this publication confirming their boring opinions with reductive center left analysis with bar graphs.

It makes sense, then, that there is no bigger foil to Klein’s entire dog and pony show than the reality of racial IQ gaps. When David Reich, a genetics professor at Harvard, published an Op-Ed in the New York Times urging liberals to re-evaluate their erroneous dogma of biological racial equality, Sam Harris retweeted the article with a snide jab at Klein.

Klein couldn’t help himself, and soon restarted a flamewar with Harris that had started more than a year earlier, when Harris originally hosted Charles Murray on his podcast. Eventually, after Klein published an article and a frustrated Harris published their complete, catty, year-long email exchange on the subject, Klein agreed to join Harris on his “Waking Up” podcast where he promptly made an ass of himself over 120 minutes of uptalking and sneering condescension.

The Reich article and the Harris-Klein debate didn’t happen in a vacuum. The media dialogue surrounding these events was just as interesting and probably more important. After Klein took a beating, Will Saleten, one of Slate’s longest tenured and most respected writers, wrote a piece for Slate that suggested liberals stop talking about race and IQ.

The piece is rightly self-referential. In 2007 Saletan nearly destroyed his career by writing a piece in Slate called “Liberal Creationism” in which he argued for liberals to examine the Black-White IQ gap more closely. The backlash was so fierce that he had to beg for forgiveness to keep his job, and now, in a weird symptom of Stockholm Syndrome, he is arguing that liberals stop talking about race and IQ, and instead talk about genetics and IQ.

Let me repeat that. Don’t talk about race and IQ, but talk about genetics and IQ. He fails throughout his article to make a distinction between the two, but I don’t think he intended to. This article was just signalling that the Neoliberalist Establishment has capitulated to the Alt-Right on this issue, deciding that it must no longer be debated in polite company, lest the “Right Side of History” is forced to expose themselves as squarely on the wrong side of all available data.

This is a big deal and shouldn’t be overlooked.

We won this debate, or more accurately, this “debate” was wholly artificial from the start and they are finally giving up after the best psychologists and geneticists grew tired of lying for them. Yet understating the Alt-Right’s influence on these matters is a fool’s errand. This dialogue would not be happening under Clinton, and people in establishment media have been reading NRx and HBD blogs outside of the office for years at this point.

Another conversation indicating a shift in media discourse happened after the SPLC placed Sam Harris on a “Hatewatch List” for his persistent Wrongthink about Race Realism. In response, Liel Liebovitz, came to his defense in Tablet Magazine.

Echoing a Politico piece from last summer, but emboldened by the author’s Chosenite status, Liel dissected all of the times SPLC overstepped its bounds and concluded it was generally a nuisance and a money pit.

The media dialogue surrounding all of these events indicates that there has been a subtle shift in the way centrist, establishment media intends to conduct itself moving forward. Many people within the Neoliberalist media class have put two and two together and realized that their most insane anti-White rhetoric is a net positive for the dissident right and a net negative for them. You will see more dialogue that’s effectively critical of anti-White narratives for many reasons over the coming years, but it’s clear that this belief in the need for a strategic shift will always be a minority opinion.

It’s weird that it took so long for any of them to notice, but maybe this shouldn’t be surprising; these people marinate in a feedback loop confirming their biases for a living. Unfortunately for the establishment media, there’s no stopping this train.

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