In Defense of Enforced Monogamy

Why Jordan Peterson is right to argue for a return to monogamy.

In Defense of Enforced Monogamy

The mainstream media’s reaction to Dr. Jordan Peterson’s comment about monogamy during a New York Times interview is telling: not only are mainstream pundits and columnists incapable of offering any arguments against monogamy (besides ridicule), they accuse Dr. Peterson of exactly what they themselves engage in.

Hadley Freeman’s response in The Guardian is a perfect example. In a roundabout manner she accuses Dr. Peterson of anti-intellectualism for having fans like Mike Cernovich and Sean Hannity (ooooh, so scary!), but then she engages in the worst kind of anti-intellectualism by using this guilt by association tactic as well as snarky strawmen arguments about how Dr. Peterson supposedly believes that “magic vaginas” will cure “misogyny.” This, of course, isn’t what Dr. Peterson argued at all—but it shouldn’t surprise us that a low-IQ chronically angry Jewish feminist writing for a left-wing rag like The Guardian would come up with such a weak comeback.

The term “enforced monogamy” may seem scary to some, especially our more libertarian-minded friends, because who wants a patriarchal government, or some other strong social force (like a religious institution) “enforcing” social norms? But that’s fine by my book—I like the term. After all we’ve seen that a “free” and secular society such as our own naturally devolves into sexual liberalism and what some have called “hypergamy”—large numbers of women competing for the affection of a very small number of high status men. In other words, enforcement of some sort may be necessary if we want to bring back monogamy.

Hypergamy naturally leaves a large number of young men wanting more. This becomes a source of instability in society—men, being more violent and aggressive than women, are more likely to act in a violent manner when they feel they have nothing left to lose. This can take the form of senseless crime or organized political and religious movements that seek to overthrow the current order.

And this is what Dr. Peterson’s proposal of returning to monogamy seeks to cure. With fewer single angry men, and with more men having the responsibility of caring for families, society will suffer from less crime and fewer destabilizing movements.

But there is another more important reason for supporting enforced monogamy, a reason that Dr. Peterson doesn’t touch on: birth rates.

No society, no civilization, no religion, and no ideology or belief system can expect to perpetuate itself without finding a mechanism to encourage birth rates. After all, reproduction isn’t just the primary way of passing on your genes, but also your ideas. Numerous studies have shown that political views and religious beliefs are both highly heritable. And as the Jesuit saying used to go, “give me the child for the first seven years and I’ll give you the man.” In other words, rearing of children also play a large role in what future generations end up believing.

Point being, any civilization, religion, or ideology that wishes to be successful should aim to produce as many children as possible and control the way in which they’re raised. This is the surest way to guarantee the success of your belief system or ideology over the long run.

While birth rates are plummeting in the West, we are bringing in more third world immigrants with high birth rates. The conclusion is inescapable: we are being replaced by peoples from other civilizations. And what will happen to our civilization when that happens? Does anyone really think that France, for example, will be the same or better when the majority of the population will be made up of Muslims originating from North Africa and the Middle East (set to happen by 2057)? Or that the United States will be the same or better when the majority of the population will be made up of Latinos (set to happen by 2060)?

No, of course not. Countries like France and the United States will irrevocably change for the worse when their populations no longer represent the people and the belief systems that actually created these two countries.

The conclusion here is simple and inescapable: if we want to save Western civilization and the ideas that built it, we have to start by having more babies. And the surest way to do so is to enforce monogamy—no more sexual revolution, no more sleeping around, no more hypergamy, no more birth control, no more dating around to find Mister or Miss “Perfect,” no more putting off kids until you become infertile so you can get a jump-start on your career. As a society we need to go back to the 1950s (or earlier) when everyone got married at a relatively young age, were expected to have children, and where anyone who cheated faced serious social (and sometimes legal) consequences.


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