Invader Caravan Arrives at US Border

The Central American caravan that Trump vowed to stop has reached the US border, putting the administration’s immigration policy to the test.

Invader Caravan Arrives at US Border

The caravan of Central Americans which began heading to the United States last month has now reached the southern border. The caravan supposedly disbanded weeks ago, but many were given 30 day visas to stay in Mexico. Now, hundreds have gathered at the Tijuana-San Diego border and are demanding asylum in America. Trump vowed that he will not allow the caravan into the country:

On Thursday, Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen backed this up, saying, “If you enter our country illegally, you have broken the law and will be referred for prosecution. If you make a false immigration claim, you have broken the law and will be referred for prosecution. If you assist or coach an individual in making a false immigration claim, you have broken the law and will be referred for prosecution.”

Denying the asylum claims should not be difficult, as the group has an openly anti-American, communist political message. The organizer, Pueblos Sin Fronteras (People Without Borders) is a Marxist, open borders activist group which seeks to “abolish borders” and states the members of the caravan “are as much citizens” of the US as actual Americans:

These are obviously activist migrants, who have no legitimate case to demand asylum. The brazen nature of their campaign should delegitimize their claims outright—they are admitting that they seek to undermine US sovereignty with their actions. More than three-quarters of asylum applications from El Salvador, Honduras, and Guatamala were denied between 2011 and 2016; with that record, it should be very easy to deny these clear-cut cases.
If the caravan isn’t thwarted, it will send a message to thousands of others south of the US who want in. Without a strong response, events like this will become routine, and our border will begin to look like European borders with hordes pouring across it.

This whole scene sheds light on how horrendous our immigration policy is. A good policy would be such that hundreds of vagrants don’t have the desire to gather at your border in the first place. They should have no hope that they will ever be allowed in. But the caravan is only the most obvious example of what is an immigration system which has enabled and encouraged an invasion of the United States for decades.

Here a CNN reporter shows one of many transgender members (Pueblos Sin Fronteras explicitly supports homosexuality and trangenderism) of the caravan:

By current US law, a gay or transgender person is more likely to receive asylum because they have a more credible claim of persecution. This is immigration policy that selects for disease, mental illness, sexual crimes, and a myriad of other issues. So, if anyone from the caravan is granted asylum, there’s a good chance it will be someone like Stefany Rodriguez.

Even if the caravan is successfully dealt with, there are deeper issues in the American immigration system that must be addressed. Trump shouldn’t be afraid to use the caravan as an example of the terrible incentive structure currently in place. He must do something meaningful on immigration either through Congress or executive order.

On Sunday night, Borders and Customs announced that it was at capacity and the remaining invaders would have to wait to have their claims processed. They appear to be taking a few a day, so many invaders will have a protracted wait. We will wait for Trump’s response to this immigration crisis.

Jay Lorenz

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