Looking Ahead to 2020

As it stands, Trump has an excellent chance to win again in 2020. But a lot could happen between now and then.

Looking Ahead to 2020

It’s tough to be confident making predictions about the 2018 midterms. Trump isn’t on the ballot so it might not be a referendum on him for anyone but anti-Trumpers. He’s not a Republican as much as he is a hijacker of their party. Still, Republicans tend to turn out strong for midterms, and he’s got lots of diehard MAGApedes. However, don’t get too hung up on the midterms because the decisive question will be 2020. Assuming he stays healthy and lucid (a big “if” for someone in their mid 70’s), he has a very strong chance of winning. Let’s check out some reasons why.


Initially, this was all very frustrating and worrisome. It seemed probable that the Deep State would just digitally manufacture some sort of “proof.” Otherwise, why would they embark on such a self-destructive campaign? Time has proven that to be a wildly mistaken assumption. It’s emerged as a desperate yet laughably incompetent effort to cover up malfeasance and delegitimize the President. Slowly, we’ve seen it play out in a way that is deeply embarrassing to Trump’s enemies. The MSM has done a great deal to discredit itself with the spin they’ve tried to put on salacious revelations that continue to emerge. It’s helped to boost Trump with people who haven’t been afflicted with Trump derangement syndrome. Judging from how long it’s taken to get this far, the issue won’t be buried by the time 2020 rolls around.

Trump Tactics

We’ve imported a lot of criminal scum into this country. Now, Trump is skillfully putting the MSM and the Dems into a position where they have to praise and defend these miscreants. Do you think he just let the term “animals” slip when describing MS-13? Well, they certainly did and then it blew up in their faces. Latin American gangbangers have no redeeming qualities or right to be in this country. Yet, he forced them to take that position. It was hilarious to watch. It’s doubtful that they’ll ever stop stepping on these mines.

The Economy

The average person isn’t capable of abstract thinking. Obvious, profound questions such as how mass migration will impact the future of Western Civilization don’t seem to float through their heads. Like it or not, civic nationalism is what prevails for the time being among White voters, particularly Boomers. Thus, the economy will be the decisive factor in the 2020 election. According to honest metrics, it’s been terrible for a decade and we can see that reflected in a wide variety of other key statistics like the low White birthrate. However, an apples-to-apples comparison of the US government’s metrics shows that things are doing much better under Trump.

Moreover, Trump can point to the soaring stock market as a testament to prosperity. This is likely to continue into 2020 because the US market is very attractive (especially after the tax cuts) and there won’t be a real alternative to the dollar for years to come. In order for things to go really bad for us before 2020, money would need someplace else to go that doesn’t yet exist. In fact, any problem outside the US (a European bond crisis is quite likely) would send more money stateside. Despite our problems, we’re the best show in town for now. He’ll probably be able to point at even higher stocks during his re-election campaign.

The Democrats

Without a poor economy, the Dems really can’t have a platform besides anti-White hysteria and impeaching Trump. No matter what they might say, those are the only two poles holding up the party tent. Moreover, they’re stuck fighting amongst themselves about emphasizing identity politics or trying to win back the working class White vote. The problem is that Trump already won this rejected demographic, and can point to tangible economic accomplishments to keep it. A change in rhetoric won’t do the Dems any good in this regard. Worse yet, they can’t even change their rhetoric as the party’s geriatric White and Jewish politicians give way to the vibrant brown faces who now represent the base. There’s no reversing the racial polarization of American politics. More racial invective is sure to fly as old school White scum like Terry McAuliffe vies against the likes of Kamala Harris for the nomination. It should be very entertaining for us and hopefully quite alienating for the average White voter.

What Could Derail Trump?

Israel. Our greatest ally has already convinced Trump to abandon the JCOPA and push for a new deal on terms that are impossible for Iran to fulfill even if they were willing to renegotiate, which they absolutely are not. Trump is seeking to placate donors like Sheldon Adelson and make good on some campaign rhetoric. In contrast, Israel and Saudi Arabia are looking to decimate Iran’s economy and instigate civil turmoil as a catalyst for regime change. What Israel wants from Uncle Sam, it generally gets. So, the possibility that this could escalate outside the limited parameters that Trump envisioned is pretty strong. With Russia and China lined up behind Iran, this could escalate dramatically with dire economic implications for the US. Trump could even find himself confronted with a situation in which the Israelis and Saudis present him with some sort of fait accompli as a pretext for military intervention. All we can do is hope for the best.


Whoever wins the next presidential election will be confronted with enormous challenges as the America its people have conceptualized continues to break down. Most likely, they’ll be forced to negotiate a post-dollar global financial system and a wave of inevitable state and municipal insolvencies as places such as Illinois and California finally run out of rope to burn. Worse still, the president will be presiding over a situation of unprecedented political turmoil as the Baby Boomer generation confronts the reality of their retirement years. The resources to provide them with what they’ve been promised simply don’t exist. These people are generally complacent now, but their anger and desperation will force politicians to abandon the familiar script. It’s all going to be a big mess, but it will play out much better for us with Trump in office.

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