Pax Trump

Instead of sparking mass unrest from Black Lives Matter and other leftist groups, the Trump presidency has been surprisingly peaceful.

Pax Trump

It can be easy to get disgruntled at Trump for a failure to deliver on the totality of his campaign promises. Whether he’s been working with insufficient earnest, or is thwarted too easily are matters of healthy debate. There’s certainly a lot of that happening here on the Alt-Right. However, sometimes it helps to lighten up a bit. The hilarious black fiasco at Starbucks reminded me that indirectly, he’s already been able to accomplish some pretty remarkable things.

I must admit that I didn’t see it coming. I can recall a conversation I had with another attendee at an Alt-Right conference shortly after his inauguration back in 2017. We both concurred that America was in for way more BLM mayhem once the summer rioting season began. Our rationale was that if George Soros and the MSM were willing to instigate all that on Obama’s watch, then absolute carnage would be on the menu for Trump. After all, these conflagrations can be ignited any time the weather is relatively warm.

We were totally off the mark. Stuff like the Starbucks shakedown is about as severe as things have gotten on a national scale. It’s not a coincidence that Trump burst on the scene in the wake of appalling black rioting unseen since LA burned in 1992. Back then, Bill Clinton sailed into office as the ashes cooled.

That obviously didn’t work for Hillary in 2016. She was put in the uncomfortable position of essentially legitimating the chaos by attributing it to White racism. She really had no alternative. Blame the Blacks for their own misconduct? That would have alienated her Coalition of the Ascendant. In the end, she ended up infuriating more Whites than she could afford. They were cowered into silence at the time, but ended up speaking through their ballots.

This seems to be one of the few past fiascoes that the MSM is determined not to repeat. They’ve correctly surmised that similar malfeasance would be fatal to the Democrats in the midterms. From this angle, it’s reasonable not to expect systemic, BLM-style violence until at least after the 2020 elections. As it turns out, Trump is far more of a domestic peacemaker than most contemporary presidents. It’s a shame that he doesn’t get any credit for this awkward peace.

From our perspective, it’s troubling that the MSM has actually demonstrated a limited capacity to learn from its past mistakes. Although, for the average guy, it’s probably pretty nice driving to work without a human chain blocking the interstate or having to worry about his business being righteously looted by “teens.” The Starbucks incident is just something he can either laugh at or simply ignore.

Of course, not everybody’s happy. Settling for a free cup of coffee must be pretty deflating for an Ascendant eager to do what comes naturally. While it’s proving lucrative for an elite few, extorting a left-wing globalist corporation rather than calling for radical street action must be a distinctly unfulfilling endeavor for the average SJW. Their fight over the spoils has also been fun to watch. Let’s enjoy the “Pax Trump” while it lasts.

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