Sessions Ends Policy Used to Shelter 200,000 Illegal Aliens From Deportation

Sessions Ends Policy Used to Shelter 200,000 Illegal Aliens From Deportation

On Thursday, May 17th, Attorney General Jeff Sessions directed immigration courts to end the policy known as “administrative closure” which effectively provided amnesty to illegal aliens.

Just because a illegal alien is intercepted by immigration authorities does not guarantee that he or she will be deported. Often, especially under the Obama Justice Department, illegal border jumpers are released into the US through administrative closure to await a court hearing to decide their immigration status. Let free and with no reason to risk deportation, it isn’t difficult to understand why many illegal aliens never respond to the court summons. After failing to respond to the court summons (a crime itself), the aliens are often granted administrative closure again which, instead of fast-tracking them for deportation, puts their name on a list in a dusty room somewhere never to be heard from or followed up on again.

Sessions finally ended this program, which provided de facto amnesty to over 200,000, after directing courts and immigration prosecutors to make a definitive judgment on each case unless prior law or executive orders provided explicit allowance of a deferral.

Mr. Sessions said in his decision:

“No attorney general has delegated such broad authority, and legal or policy arguments do not justify it. I therefore hold that immigration judges and the Board [of Immigration Appeals] lack this authority except where a previous regulation or settlement agreement has expressly conferred it.”

His directive makes it more difficult for the hostile anti-White elite to conduct its demographic replacement, but they will continue to look for new and creative ways. The people behind these policies will do everything they can to undermine public will and legal statute in the pursuit of a brown America. This directive is certainly a move in the right direction, and it has bought Sleepy Sessions some good will, but there is still a long way to go.

Anthony Romano

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