Somalis Steal Hundreds of Millions of Dollars From Minnesota Through Welfare Fraud

Are you willing to be plundered?

Somalis Steal Hundreds of Millions of Dollars From Minnesota Through Welfare Fraud

People from the Twin Cities area of Minnesota have no choice but to be aware of the Somali community that has been shoveled into their midst and its accompanying problems. Any given resident (or anti-White mayor) may celebrate the presence of this community, in accordance with the dictates of political correctness. One may even facilitate it and reap the benefits. Most choose to attempt to ignore it. Some brave few openly oppose it and see Leviathan fill their field of vision. Residents cannot avoid the Somalis, though. They make sure of that.

Among the knife attacks, gang and terrorist activities, and hostile political mobilization, Somalis also consume a spectacular amount of welfare. Recent news coverage has revealed that hundreds of million dollars in cash has been transported to Somalia for years by defrauding a program which subsidizes non-White daycares. Somalia, you see, has a rich culture that must be preserved for the benefit of its children. You are required to pay whatever it costs, of course. White Minnesotans have no culture—at least none worth preserving—so they get nothing. Members of the local Somali community were checking their kids in and then leaving with those same children a few minutes later. They received a cut of the proceeds for their help. Somali nationals sent hundreds of millions of dollars back to their homeland via wire transfers and simply carrying the cash on flights. A good portion of that went to areas of Somalia controlled by Islamic terrorist militias.

Former Minneapolis Mayor Betsy Hodges discusses how to funnel as much money as possible to “Minnesota’s future.”

One must not protest too loudly, though. The Somalis, out of their eternal benevolence and selflessness, have volunteered to become the future of old, tired, White Minnesota and to put some history and culture into this empty, dull space. The former governor of Minnesota endorses their replacement of you. Oh yes, they deserve those hundreds of millions that you could never make in several lifetimes of honest work. What you are allowed to do is help by not fighting back while your current and future wealth is extracted to pay for it. In fact, you can just hurry up and die and make this all go quicker and easier. Somalis are no strangers to utilizing every possible means of social assistance to its maximum, guided every step of the way by trained social workers both public and private. What makes this latest plundering newsworthy is its audacity.

“Plundering” only begins to describe what has happened to us. Somalis waltzing back to the land they fled with illegally-obtained millions of dollars is hardly the extent of it, galling though it may be. It goes beyond simple extraction of monetary wealth to unfathomable malice. Every aspect of our existence as a people has been subverted, stolen, and weaponized against us. Every benevolent instinct has been squeezed to a husk. This is true not only of our history and our culture, but also of every institution our forebears built: schools, universities, militaries, churches, governments, courts, aid societies, social safety nets, you name it. These institutions were built to serve ideals, to further promote the best endeavors and instincts of our people and to elevate the entire society, and thus they did not have robust, built-in protections against subversion. Why would anyone want to pervert such sources of good? Why, indeed.

Picture what could be if we still had these things. What if you could raise your children wherever you chose, and feel financially secure in having a family of whatever size you wanted? What if you could send your children to the local school and know they were learning real and useful knowledge, being kept safe from relentless ethnic bullying, and not having their time wasted and minds destroyed? What if you could throw yourself into an endeavor and know that merit counted for something and not just your political leaning or ethnic background? What if you could join a social organization with resources, goals, and history and spend your free time pursuing the betterment of something that was important to you with other like-minded people? What if your town had roots and history that your children could learn about, inherit, and be motivated to grow and protect?

What if your labor was actually valued, and you weren’t constantly wondering how soon you would be replaced by some cheaper, subsidized foreigner who would accept far lower standards? What if you knew you could retire at a decent age to help your children with their families, enjoy your remaining healthy years, and wrap up your legacy? What if you could walk home after voting, knowing that whomever won the election would be working in good faith for the interests of everyone in the society, and that everyone else who cast a vote shared the same basic goals, dreams, and values and was choosing the person they deemed most competent and appropriate? What if you, after a long week of productive activity, could sit with your family and watch a movie that told a story you could enjoy, perhaps something that inspired, reinforced, or enhanced some historical or cultural idea? You would have everything. This is what was taken from you.

Now, even our very sense of ourselves is something that has been twisted in a fashion intended to destroy us. The small, rootless, international clique has reaped wealth beyond measure, but still they are afraid. What is terrifying to this band of hyenas and those who support them (knowingly or not) is that there is a small component of these people they’ve plundered who understands exactly what has happened and is clearly articulating not only the specifics of what everyone senses is an ailment, but also providing that essential component for overturning any corrupt system: a moral imperative. In a world they practically own, the only threat to their existence is the objective case against them and the vision and justification for something better.

We have a long list of crimes that were committed against us, and whatever we must do to recover and secure our future is justified on these grounds. This is why the nationalist impulse must be silenced, suppressed, and ultimately eradicated along with the very concept of nationhood. The globalist elite cannot coexist with the nationalist impulse. It is the essential, mortal conflict within Western nations, from which everything else stems. Ultimately, if we do not solve this puzzle to our ends, we will continue be plundered until nothing remains. If we take it all back, we will be damn sure to prevent this from ever happening again. For both sides, it’s everything or nothing.

Ash Brighton

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