The Blue Wave Crashes

While the Democratic Party and media establishment continue to shoot themselves in the foot, populist tides are rising in White America.

The Blue Wave Crashes

Every political movement, establishment or countercultural, academic or populist, is defined by the political myth that it weaves. Marxism’s tension between the fantasmic release of violent revolutionary energy and the squeamishness of egalitarianism created schizophrenic societies. The paleoconservatives of today are constantly at odds with trying to preserve a society that vanished long ago. The anarcho-communists are so intrigued by repression and liberation that they are sublimating into the liberal power structure. Today’s most disjointed political coalition has an even more incoherent myth, if it really has one at all.

The Democrats have fought the Trump presidency with the vacuous concept of “resisting,” and they are spinning a counter-narrative that is so intrigued with the destruction of Trump and all his symbolism that they forgot to feed their army of spinsters and transsexuals a memetic ideology. At its core the Democratic Party of 2018 lacks a moral fiber or ethical code. Worse still, it lacks political ideas.

Gifted with a friendly media and rapidly accelerating demographic replacement of the hostile native population, the Democrats have nothing in their way but themselves.

The tense “coalition of the ascendant” at the heart of their long game has been observed by outsiders for years, yet the conflicted interests of competing demographic groups have not been rectified and the Whites that make up their most fervent base of supporters have not been talked to. While the economically motivated leftists bleed away into the black pill of Chapo Trap House, weed, and joining the DSA, the minorities are fed a myth incapable of uniting them into a political force. Over the entire course of the Trump presidency “The Resistance” has consistently slowed down it’s march in “The Right Side of History” because no one can be motivated to street activism by negative energy and the politics of grievances alone.

While planning for an “unstoppable Blue Wave,” the Democrats forgot to tell anyone exactly why they are preferable to Trump.

Now, we have tangible evidence that Democrats have shot themselves in the foot.

The recent CNN poll for a generic congressional ballot, pitting “Republican” against “Democrat” sees that the energy motivating people to “Rock The Vote” for Castizo Futurism has all but died.

On top of this poll, there are many other huge white pills hidden in the cheese of these 2018 Midterms. On top of West Virginia transforming into a GOP stronghold, there are many Trumpian candidates making waves across the country’s entire political landscape. CNN recently noticed the phenomenon, writing:

“In the Ohio GOP primary, both Rep. Jim Renacci and businessman Mike Gibbons campaigned as the ultimate outsider candidate. Trump-backed Renacci focused on his disgust with Washington status quo. Trump won Ohio in 2016 by a much smaller margin than West Virginia or Indiana, and many say Trump’s endorsement of Renacci, who will run against Sen. Sherrod Brown in the general election, was a key factor in his win.

In North Carolina, GOP Rep. Robert Pittenger became the first incumbent to lose in the 2018 primary cycle. Former Rev. Mark Harris of Charlotte’s First Baptist Church beat Pittenger with his “drain the swamp” message, running against the GOP-controlled Congress as much as against Pittenger. Harris now prepares for a competitive general election race against Iraq War veteran Dan McCready.”

It’s obvious that populist tides are rising all across White America, and it’s obvious that the Neoliberal establishment is quite incapable of understanding why.

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