What The Legally Dubious Arrest of Tommy Robinson Says About The UK

The arrest of a free speech activist to provide cover for a gang of Muslim pedophilic rapists shows that the UK government is losing legitimacy.

What The Legally Dubious Arrest of Tommy Robinson Says About The UK

The political-cultural situation in the United Kingdom can only be described as grim. While every nation of Western Europe has been subjected waves of genetically and culturally foreign populations, the British government has been the most open in embracing and encouraging the anarcho-tyranny of forced integration and cultural suicide.

The crushing of dissent extends beyond simply preventing public protests and factual observations. The criminal elements of Britain’s ascendant migrant population have caused the murder rate of London to exceed New York City’s for the first time in recorded history. In response, Home Secretary Theresa May has slashed police budgets with a sociologically autistic libertarian axe.

The tangible jump in murder (or the euphemistically-minded category of “knife crime”) and loud protests of police administrators matter not. So-called “right wing” Tories have designated budget expenditures and the multicult of the highest import.

Worse than even a sharp uptick in violence in the nation’s capital, in seemingly every city the same “grooming gangs” and “grooming scandals” are continuously exposed alongside massively incompetent police investigation and response. At this point, most people are aware that foreign invaders are abducting and defiling thousands of British children with the tacit approval of Britain’s hostile ruling class.

A people who once ruled an imperium stretching from Australia to Vancouver have been reduced to lab rats for an absurd, accelerationist project in state-sanctioned terror and mass suicide. It’s hard to watch a  Clownworld Simulator so absurd.

The most recent voice of reason to be silenced by the British government is Tommy Robinson, the 34-year-old founder of the English Defense League political party and organizer of the recent “Day for Freedom” demonstration in London alongside other prominent free speech and anti-immigration activists. On Friday, Robinson live-streamed a video broadcast of nine “Asian defendants” entering Leeds Crown Court to stand trial for yet another “grooming scandal” of migrant invaders abducting and raping young British girls. Of course, he was the only journalist of any sort covering what should be “part and parcel” of vibrant diversity, and he is well-known as a menace to law enforcement for daring to report on the criminal trials of foreigners raping British children. Tommy was already on a suspended sentence after being convicted of contempt of court for filming a separate gang rape group’s trial inside Canterbury Crown Court last June.

The details of his original arrest and sentencing for contempt of court in Canterbury are murky, but the legal reasoning behind his farcical show trial and two minutes of hate was sound enough. On Friday, as the Spectator observed, Tommy Robinson was arrested simply for being Tommy Robinson. He had not screamed at or antagonized anyone in the surrounding area, had not so much as muttered a few words, Tommy simply pointed his cell phone camera at a group of migrant pedophiles and molesters, and was arrested for “breach of the peace.”

The lack of a legal pretext for the suppression of Robinson’s reporting is not the most troubling aspect of this incident. Robinson has spent time within the British prison system as a pro-British political activist before, in 2012. During that sentence Robinson was cornered and jumped by a group of Muslim inmates with the permission of the guards. Now that his political profile is much higher, there’s a chance that during this sentence Tommy could be beaten much worse or even killed during his 3 month sentence. The only piece of media speculating about this very real possibility was an article in a paper local to the Hull Prison in which he is being held, the Hull News Daily, and the story was swiftly taken down after a judge ordered a media gag order on any reporting on the case in England.

A supporter’s video of the entire arrest, which has now been viewed well over a million times, sees Tommy’s brow furl and chest raise, absolutely incredulous at the absurdity of his new found political prisoner status. Faced with the possibility of being beaten to death during an unjust prison sentence with the implicit support of the state, Tommy demonstrated a particularly British form of bravery. His reaction was a humorous tossing-up of his hands in face of a situation so surreal, so incomprehensibly mad, that he couldn’t do much but scoff. That expression was mirrored on every supporter’s face the next day as hundreds of protesters descended upon the gates of the Prime Minister’s residence on Downing Street, where they chanted slogans and climbed the barricades.


This image captures Saul Alinsky’s fifth and sixth rules for radicals, that ridicule is the most powerful weapon and the best tactic is one that people enjoy. It captures the essence of this case as a pressure point, a fissure that depletes the English state’s thin veneer of respectability. Most important, it shows that the English man still has some fight left inside him.

This is why the British government put a gag order on any media reporting on the Robinson case. Reporting on the suppression of political dissidents has to be suppressed as well; the media is legally obligated to maintain the clothedness of the Emperor who hides Pakistani rape gangs under his coattails.

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