America 2045

Will the demographic replacement of Whites cure what ails America? Despite what mainstream media tells us, it couldn’t be further from the truth.

America 2045

America in 2045?

According to demographic projections, Whites will become a minority in America around 2045. Dana Milbank, a hateful anti-White Jew who writes for the Washington Post, recently claimed that will be the cure for what ails this country. At that point, the resentment of White America over its dispossession obviously “won’t matter much.” For the moment, he laments that this place is in for “ugly” times as it grapples with the “death throes of white hegemony.”

The distinguishing feature of the article is Milbank’s insinuation that the USA will be a thriving brown super power by 2045. Well, I don’t know about you but I simply can’t picture myself living a life of vibrant abundance chanting “Viva Los Estados Unidos!” 27 years from now. The overwhelming likelihood is that the current political structure of North America will be gone by that point. Existential forces are working to pull this country apart and none of them are subtle. Let’s take a look at the two most important factors keeping it intact.

Baby Boomers

The Boomers, born from the end of WW2 to 1964, are the demographic glue that holds this country together. Most of them grew up in a pre-multicultural USA in which people like themselves comprised the entirety of the population in many areas. Even if they lived in places like the South, they still have the concept of a White, prosperous nation in their head. It’s probably due to this childhood experience that the bankrupt concept of “civic nationalism” resonates so strongly with them. Their backgrounds render a post-USA America impossible to conceive. Currently, they are the primary voting demographic. Thus, the explicit promotion of racial nationalism is still a non-starter for White politicians. However, people don’t live forever, so that will change. How many Boomers do you think will be around to buy into civic nonsense by 2045?

Equally relevant is the cost of their retirements and medical care. The “Grey Wave” is just getting underway. Already, it’s pushing states like IL and CA, along with municipalities across the country, towards imminent insolvency. Nationally, unfunded obligations to Boomers exceed years worth of our annual GDP. Struggling with the unbearable cost of Boomers and Vibrants, the nation has already racked up at least a $5 trillion infrastructure backlog as it can no longer to afford to make sufficient investments in future functionality. Our national debt alone is so high that it can never be paid off. So paradoxically, while the civic nationalist attitudes and sheer size of the Boomer generation keep the country united, the cost of their golden years will help grind it down before their exit from the stage allows it to fall apart.

King Dollar

Since the Bretton Woods conference at the end of WW2, the US Dollar has been the world’s reserve currency. Dollars and US treasuries are necessary for participation in the global economy. If this wasn’t the case, a crisis probably would’ve spiraled a while ago. Absent the power to issue the world’s reserve currency, we’d be unable to rack up such staggering budget and trade deficits without more severe consequences. We’re still the best show in town and there’s no existing alternative. It’s reasonable to expect that the dollar will remain strong for the time being.

Nevertheless, that situation will not persist over the long term. When and not whether it dies is a subject of debate. What will be negotiated to serve as its replacement is another matter of contention. What’s not in question is that the King Dollar will pass away well before the Boomers. When it does, the dollar will revert to just another domestic currency.

The dollar’s demotion will have grave implications for the federal government’s ability to maintain its bloated size and authority by essentially vendor financing the nation. Because of its exceptional ability to borrow in a currency that it can create at will, it can spend far in excess of its revenues. Unsustainable debt is the crucial mechanism for federal control. By dispensing unaffordable largess to both Vibrants and Boomers, peace and stability are maintained. However, scarcity is generally the driver of social conflict. If struggling millennials must choose between subsidizing their elderly Boomer parents or the Ascendant (most can’t afford to do either), how do you think they’ll react?

What will 2045 actually look like?

The future remains to be seen. Perhaps the various components of the USA will remain a loosely confederated entity or maybe entire nations are cleaved off entirely. The American people will endure tremendous upheaval between now and then, yet many don’t seem to have an inkling of what is on the way. The “American Experiment” of wild debt, offshoring, and mass 3rd world immigration was never going to end well.

The average person didn’t provide their consent to this national suicide program, but they’ll suffer the consequences nonetheless. In a sense, that’ll be a great thing. Clarity is hard to achieve when your view of the world is shaped by The Washington Post. Pain should be a great laxative for the dishonest (((media))) many Whites have credulously swallowed.

Eventually they’ll have to confront the J-Left canard that “White hegemony” is somehow negative. Take a look at Latin America and Africa to see how things play out in the absence of White hegemony. These days, the US is packed with folks who’d rather drop dead than be called a racist, but then go through great trouble to make sure they live in the Whitest neighborhood they can afford. No matter what idiocy they embrace right now, by 2045, which parts of America do you think they’ll choose to reside? If Dana Milbank manages to live that long, you’ll probably find him at a nursing home in Tel Aviv.

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