Corey Stewart and the GOP Death Rattle

The establishment GOP has grown weaker every day since Trump declared his candidacy. Its time is almost up.

Corey Stewart and the GOP Death Rattle

The GOP establishment is finished.

Since the 2016 presidential campaign began, the Republican Party has been pulling apart. As Trump and nationalism began to rise, the establishment turned against them with disavowals, “Never Trump,” and a never-ending sea of cuckoldry and back-stabbing. Since the presidential election, many weak congressional Republicans have left the party altogether. Now, with recent elections throughout the country, the cuckservative wing of the party is being voted out of office.

With Trump established as the front-runner in the primary, it became clear that the Republican Party was changing. He was disavowed or criticized by nearly every major figure in the party. The small group of “Never Trump” neocons, including Bill Kristol, National Review, and John McCain attacked Trump the most, though they were ineffective because they have no credibility. As most establishment Republicans grudgingly went along with their new standard-bearer, much of the neocon element separated itself from the emerging Republican Party.

That was just the beginning. Since then, Republican congressmen Bob Corker, Jeff Flake, Paul Ryan, and several others have retired from politics due to the direction the party is taking. Many of them claim to be leaving out of a principled stand against Trump. The real reason is that their neoliberal open-borders politics can no longer win in the new Republican Party.

In recent primaries, Republican voters have chosen candidates who are tough on immigration and who support Trump’s agenda. Gone are Corker, McCain, Flake, Ryan, and Mark Sanford (an anti-Trump incumbent who lost a primary last week), and in are Lou Barletta, Katie Arrington (the pro-Trump candidate who beat Sanford), Corey Stewart, and other solid supporters of Trump. Last week’s Senate primary victory by Stewart, the most nationalist of all the winners, especially reinforced this point.

Candidates like Stewart, who are willing to run nationalist campaigns that appeal to the White voting base, are the future of the Republican Party. Stewart based his campaign on support for Donald Trump and his policies and defense of the heritage of White Virginians. Stewart voiced support for the Confederate flag several times and came out strongly against the removal of Confederate statues, including the Robert E. Lee statue in Charlottesville. Other than that, he ran a Trumpist campaign focusing on strong immigration restrictions and culture.

Though Trump has thrown his support behind Stewart, the National Republican Senatorial Committee declined to endorse him. Colorado Sen. Cory Gardner, the chairman of the committee, says that he doesn’t plan on spending money in Virginia. He and other establishment cucks claim they don’t like Stewart and candidates like him because they have no chance to win. Judging by recent results, this simply isn’t true. They don’t like candidates like Stewart because they are forcing the do-nothing establishment out.

The GOPe is desperately trying to hold this populist tide back, but it’s already too late. The Republican Party has a White anti-immigrant, nationalist base. Candidates who are willing to give that base what it wants are going to win, and they are rapidly replacing the old guard which has shown disdain for its voters for so long. The new candidates are populists, and an embrace of populism in the GOP means an embrace of White people and White interests. Not only that, but they are attacked as pro-White (“white supremacist”) by the left and the establishment GOP. Stewart’s Democrat opponent, Tim Kaine, claimed that Stewart “stokes white supremacy.” To the extent that Stewart and others do not explicitly draw the battle lines, they will be drawn for them.

As the United States becomes multiracial, the natural progression of American politics is toward racial and tribal division. The Republicans are trying to hold back the nascent White nationalism in the party, but that dam will break. The Democrats have made the choice to have a predominantly non-White base. Though their (White and Jewish) leadership is also trying to hold on to power and keep the base at bay, the forces are already in motion that will make the Democratic Party the non-White party. In fact, it already employs anti-White rhetoric on a regular basis; it simply hasn’t yet had non-Whites take over the leadership of its institutions. Both parties have a leadership trying to cling to power as the politics of the country are radically changing. When they are replaced, the new paradigm will emerge. We’re only seeing the beginning of the racialization of American politics.

The Democrats are not our enemy, or at least not our primary one. The increasingly extreme and anti-White party is actually a boon for the Right. As they continue to accelerate and alienate Whites, we will reap the benefits. The establishment GOP is our main enemy. It is the only thing preventing a future of nationalist candidates running against anti-American, anti-White Democrats—an ideal situation.

In order to defeat the Democrats, we must first defeat the establishment Republicans. The White electorate is reawakening. The GOP establishment is teetering on the edge. It’s time to give it a push.

Jay Lorenz

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