Democrats Shun Minority, Female Candidates

After being encouraged to run by the party leadership, Black female candidates are not getting the support they expected.

Democrats Shun Minority, Female Candidates

Currently, 43 Black female candidates are running for US House seats, but only one has the backing of the Democratic National Committee, Lauren Underwood of Illinois. Black Females are quite an important part of the Democratic party. In the 2016 election, 94% of Black women voted for Clinton over Trump. In Alabama, they helped Doug Jones win over Roy Moore with a 98% Black Female vote. A huge number of them seem to now think they should run for office. You can easily run over to and browse hundreds running for various offices.

The problem is, the Democrats are not funding nor endorsing these Black women. These women are mainly either self-funded or are taking in campaign donations from their communities. They told them to run, but it seems it’s all just rhetoric.

So, why is the DNC not funding them?

At the moment, the DNC is broke compared to the RNC. Awhile back the Democrats told everyone (especially minorities and women) to get out and run for local, state, and federal offices. It seems to have worked. However, the DNC was not prepared to fund or endorse these candidates, nor did it want to. The Congressional Black Caucus is backing Michael Capuano, the Democratic incumbent in Massachusetts’ 7th district (and a White man), over his opponent Ayanna Pressley, a Black woman. It’s clear that the Democrats want to use the rhetoric of the resistance and the coalition of the ascendant, but when the rubber hits the road, they still want the establishment in control.

Lauren Underwood, candidate for the House in Illinois.

Lauren Underwood of Illinois is working to win the seat in the 14th district. It’s about a 90% urban area, with demographics at 85% White, 13% Hispanic, and 2% Black. Let’s say all the Blacks turn out to vote for her—that’s still only 2% of her district. With that funding she is getting, she is going to get a lot of exposure to Hispanics and cucky Whites. Even with all that though, the district since 2000-2016 has gone red every single election except for Obama’s 2008 campaign. Their current representative Randy Hultgren beat out a Democrat with 56% of the vote and is an advocate for homeschooling. Underwood is most likely the sort of gal to want to raise taxes to help fund Black Chicago schools. Does she have a chance?

The establishment is not ready to give up its control. It’s as simple as that. They tell these people to run, getting everyone out and fired up, but then do nothing. It’s all good optics for them. Simply tell people you’re with them, and they’ll be stupid enough to believe you, even if you don’t do anything for them. It’s all about keeping up that good look the Democrats think they need right now. They know they’ve lost the White vote, so they’re trying to empower POC and women.

For example, only 1% of Blacks identify as Republicans, 92% disapprove of President Trump, and the 59% who identify as Democrats is smaller than the percentage of Black voters who actually vote for Democratic candidates. So obviously these people still believe the Dems are behind them, due to rhetoric and welfare.

“The DCCC is proud to support the historic number of women and African American candidates running for Congress, who will bring a wealth of knowledge and cultural competence to the political table for Democrats,” said DCCC spokesman Kamau Marshall. His statement is a farce. Women and POC want more out of the party, but the party won’t give, because it knows no matter how much it fails everyone, it won’t have to worry about how Blacks or women will vote this year, or when Trump is up for reelection.

However, this strategy won’t work forever. As the Democratic Party relies more and more on non-White voters, it will have to start diversifying its leadership. There is a tension in the party between a White and Jewish leadership class and a non-White voting base, and the leadership is walking a tightrope.

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