Fash the Nation 127: HOW DARE YOU

Fash the Nation 127: HOW DARE YOU

Join McFeels and Halberstram for the first 90+ minutes to break down the week’s whirlwind of schadenfreude and incremental suppression at the border. HOW ABSOLUTELY DARE YOU?! Then in the second half, McFeels and Ethnarch do a deep-dive on the IG Report hearings that got intentionally smothered by the manufactured child separation “crisis”. It’s much worse than we all thought. If it’s SUNDAY it’s Fash the Nation!

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Episode Topics:

00:00:00 – Intro + FTN 2X
00:04:00 – POLARIZE
00:31:00 – Cold Civil War
00:54:00 – Paradigm Shift
01:40:00 – Europa Report
01:50:00 – The Boys Are Back in Town
01:55:00 – Most Damning Report in US History
02:09:00 – Surfeit Political Animus
02:18:00 – Myopic Mens Rea
02:25:00 – Gowdy’s Comeys
02:48:00 – Just a Matter
03:10:00 – South Africa Report
03:15:00 – Outro

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